Everyday Heroes

Good Samaritans Pull Over To Lift SUV Off Trapped 9-Year-Old

These everyday heroes saw the SUV crash and stopped to help.

Nearly 50 good Samaritans jumped out of their vehicles on a busy Florida interstate recently after spotting an overturned SUV.

According to BayNews9, a Ford Excursion SUV was traveling on I-75 southeast of Tampa in the Ruskin, Florida, area on Sept. 24 when the rear tire blew out. The SUV skidded into the grassy median before flipping over a guardrail and landing upside down on its roof.

According to CNN, Dayna Gibson and her father, David Lowe, were among those who saw the crash. People pulled over and began pouring out of their vehicles to run to the aid of the people in the wrecked car. The group of strangers were able to free the 31-year-old driver, but her 9-year old daughter remained pinned underneath the SUV.

“She told us that her youngest daughter was under the vehicle,” Gibson told Bay9News. “So at that time all of us ran around to the other side and we saw the little girl’s arm sticking out from under the vehicle. We achieved what would have been impossible alone, by coming together. There were people from all walks of life there, it didn’t matter.”

The driver and her oldest daughter were treated and released at the Tampa General Hospital. while the 9-year-old was last listed in fair condition.

Veronica Casteleiro, a witness to the accident, posted on Facebook:

Bad accident happened as we were approaching, SUV flipped over. All these people ran from their vehicles to help (Rob among them) and helped to flip the truck back over and get a little girl out. Just when I think humanity has lost its way, I see the kindness of others. I didn’t see anyone worried about race or politics, the only concern were the lives in that car.

We are so glad that the family involved in the crash is alive and safe, thanks in part to the kindness and heroism of a group of strangers.