How This Girl Used Her Winning Lottery Ticket Will Give You Your Daily Dose Of Inspiration

It's certainly not everyday that you win the lottery, and it's even more rare to win the lottery when you weren't even playing. But that's exactly what happened to 7-year-old Phoebe Brown, who found a winning lottery ticket as she walked through a grocery store in Independence, Missouri.

According to 41 Action News, Phoebe saw a scratch-off lottery ticket lying on the floor of a grocery store, and picked it up to learn it was a winning ticket worth $100.

She immediately told her mom, and she also had a suggestion for how to use the money. It wasn't for buying toys (as you might expect from someone her age). Oh no, she was determined to put the ticket to good use. Phoebe decided to use the found winnings to donate $100 worth of food items to her school food drive.

Because she did so, her second grade class ended up donating more than any other class in school. In total, 541 food items came from the second graders and 1,700 items were donated overall.

The winning prize for being the highest donating class was getting to shave the gym teacher's beard. And according to an interview with Phoebe, this was a huge motivator in donating the cans in the first place!

Phoebe's parents seem extremely proud of their daughter's generous decision. As her dad said, “You wonder if this is how kids these days are thinking? that's a really good thing.”

Because surely, there are some adults who wouldn't have wanted to use the money for charity. Leave it to a 7-year-old to show everyone what the season of giving is all about!

[h/t: Good News Network]