Someone Left This Chicago Cubs Waitress A $5,000 Tip

There was a 1994 movie called "It Could Happen To You," where a cop (Nicholas Cage) tips a waitress (Bridget Fonda and her mega-watt smile) $2 million. And believe it or not, this just happened in Chicago—though on a slightly smaller scale.

Stephanie Rarick is a manager/bartender at the Draft Kings Fantasy Sports Zone, which is a patio bar attached to Wrigley Field, where the Chicago Cubs play. Saturday, Oct. 8, was Game 2 of the National League Divisional Series between the Cubs and the visiting San Francisco Giants. The Cubs won that game and went on to win the series in four games, but that wasn't the biggest win of the night.

Rarick picked up the signed credit card receipt from a Giants fan. The tab was $2,280—the fan had bought everyone in the bar shots of Fireball and Bushmills whiskey, hence the huge bill. But the biggest surprise? He left a $5,000 tip on top of it!

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the notes "Go Giants Game 5 Boom!" and "Tips4Jesus" were written on the receipt as well.

Rarick said she never caught the name of the anonymous tipster, although she says the clean-shaven man wore a Giants visor and orange sweatshirt, and that the man and his wife "were really well put together, and he was wearing a Giants World Series ring.” (Note: If a guy tips a waitress $5K, you can be sure he's not wearing a fake Series ring out in public. He was just showing Cubs fans one of the three his team has won since 2010, while Chicagoans have waited 108 years. Sorry, as a Giants fan I had to get that in.)

Did we say anonymous?

A little net research indicates the tipster may be a man named Jack Selby who was a former PayPal VP. Daily Mail cited that name as well. Here's an interview to check out, too.

Rarick, who is wrapping up studies at Purdue, and her co-worker Kathleen Houk, who also poured drinks for the couple, decided to split the windfall with the 26 other bartenders and servers working that night. They each took home $192.

What will Rarick do with her share? She told the Sun-Times, "I'm a big saver!"