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Genius Redneck Life Hacks

People in the South are often grilled for their seeming lack of intelligence. However, there are many hilarious and ingenious life hacks done by rednecks that might actually get you to think, “Hm… not bad”. Here are some life hacks done by rednecks.

Baby Carrier

If you don’t have a baby sling, this is an interesting alternative. Just make sure to keep your hands on the bottom of your shirt so the baby doesn’t fall out.

Tablet Holder

Make use of those bungie chords you just have lying around your house to do this. Who needs a tablet holder or anything like that when you can just use bungie chords?

Artificial Flatscreen

If you can’t afford a flatscreen, this is how you can make people think you do. Of course, you’ll have to cut out a hole into the wall behind it.

Snow Fridge

A lot of southern states don’t get a ton of snow, but for those that do, especially if the power goes out, take advantage of the piled high snow to keep your drinks cold.

Build Your Own Hot Tub

Everyone has a hose at their house. Getting firewood and using a big swing like this that you may already have on hand is certainly less expensive than buying a full hot tub.

Shaving Forks

Maybe your razor’s broken, or maybe you just don’t want to go out and get a new one. If you’ve got some wax and a plastic fork, you can take of that issue with no problem. You shouldn’t be pushing too hard while shaving anyway.

Sun Visor

This one only really works for people with a lot of thick hair. But using a drink carrier from a fast food joint’s a pretty good way to keep the sun out of your face.

Hair Curlers

Why bother using hair curlers? You should have plenty of aluminum cans in the house, assuming you drink soda. It’s also environmentally conscious, using recyclable material.

Barbecue Pit

It’s probably more difficult to get your hands on a shopping cart than a griddle for cooking outdoors. However, a shopping cart is still a great alternative if you have access to one and not the other.

Cologne Spray

Men are always putting on too much cologne. Making it a simple spray like this that you walk through, just might make the scent more tolerable to other people.

Boating In Comfort

Getting a motor attached to a raft is one thing, but also getting your couch on that raft. You’ll be riding around in a lake in no time, in absolute comfort.

Cooking Breakfast

This is a pretty fast way to cook something up if you don’t have a frying pan or any pots. You can actually cook all kinds of food on an iron, like pizza.

For Coffee And Hot Dogs

A coffee pot’s entire purpose is just to heat up water. But who said that the water you were heating up needed to be for coffee? Throw in some small hot dogs and you’ll be boiling them up in no time.

Emergency Strainer

Maybe you’re making pasta and your strainer’s dirty, or you never had one to begin with. A tennis racket actually makes a good substitute.

Trimming The Hedge

This one requires a bit too much energy and thought to actually put into practice. However, using a lawnmower suspended by a crane might actually give you a more uniform trim on your hedges. Keep in mind this can quickly get dangerous though, or, at the bare minimum, ruin your hedges.

Broken Doorbell

Knocking on the door may be the usual alternative, but a bottle of shaking rocks is certainly a better way to get someone’s attention. The sound’s a bit more obnoxious and obvious than a simple door knocking. And you can just keep shaking until the homeowner comes out.

When Your Pizza Cutter’s Dirty

No pizza cutter, no problem. Just get the lid of a can and attach it to a ruler. If the pizza’s home made you probably needed to open up a can of tomato sauce for this anyway.

Windshield Wiper

Sometimes your windshield wiper has a bit of trouble getting all of the water or smudges off. Putting a rag on the wiper will certainly help with any absorption issues.

Makeshift Weights

Weights can be expensive, so why worry about actually buying them for weight-lifting. A heavy enough bar and some empty paint cans (to be filled up with whatever you want) are all you really need.

Boat Hammock

Remember those guys that attached a coach to a raft? This is arguably better. The hammock style and oar also gives you more control over what direction you go in.

Tape Hammock

Speaking of hammocks, they might be a bit expensive to get yourself. But duct tape, twine, and wooden poles are expensive. You can use this hammock on your hammock boat instead.

Stick Shift

If your stick shift lever’s broken, you just need the right tool for the job. Literally, you can just use a hammer as a temporary replacement. It’s got the right shape and the head is even a good size for gripping.

Tiki Torch

Alcohol’s already known to be flammable. Using a bottle of bear to light up a bunch of tiki torches isn’t a bad idea. Although it does conjure up some choice images.

Rearview Mirror

CDs are pretty reflective, and nobody really uses blank ones anymore. If your rearview mirror’s busted, attach a clean CD as a temporary replacement.

Towel Rack

So your towel rack fell out of the wall. No problem! There are two perfectly good holes to use where it once stood, the perfect size for a fork. Now you can hold a towel or two off of it and fork won’t fall out.