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Generous Stranger Pays Off Nearly $50,000 In Outstanding Layaway Costs

'Tis the season to do for others.

One generous person took this idea to heart and decided to pay off nearly $50,000 in layaway charges at a Pennsylvania Walmart.

The Bedford County Free Press Facebook page reports that a woman who called herself Santa B. walked into the Walmart store in Everett, Pennsylvania, on December 7 with a check for $46,265.59—enough to cover nearly 200 layaway accounts. Reports indicate she was making the payment on behalf of an unknown man, whose signature was on the cashier's check.

Sandy Terry was one of the shoppers who benefited from the out-of-the-blue generosity. She had an Xbox for her grandson on layaway and still had a $75 balance due. She'd recently had to quit her job because of health problems and was unsure how she was going to cover the remainder of the cost.

"I'm just so thankful that he's going to get it this year," she told NBC News. "Thank you so much to [the person who] paid it off for me."

NBC News also brought up an interesting related story. Did you know that there's a non-profit group that does this kind of thing? It's called "Pay Away The Layaway," and the 5-year-old group is "on pace to pay off a record amount of accounts this season, topping $100,000 in value," founder Lee Karchawer said on CNBC. The group has connections to retailers like Kmart, Toys"R"Us and Burlington Coat Factory.

Pay Away The Layaway's holiday efforts kicked into gear this past weekend in around 30 U.S. cities, and those locations are unknown in order to keep the element of surprise. On NBC News, Karchawer related a story that has really stuck with him. His group visited a Bronx Kmart two years ago and paid off the layaway account of a woman who had just lost all she owned in a fire the day before.

"She literally just broke down," he noted. "That moment was something I'll never forget."

Good stuff here, folks. Good stuff.