This Gas Station Has Hilarious Messages For Its Customers

In 2005, a local shop in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle, Washington transformed from auto repair to an ExtraMile convenience store and Chevron gas station.

With the motto “If you can bring it, we can fill it,” this outspoken company needed a way to attract more customers and make them aware of their recent upgrades.

Their solution? The Wallingford Sign.

This sign, with just 4 lines and 17 letters per line, has sparked the attention of people across the country. Their secret weapon has simply been a sense of humor.

With a funny message that changes weekly, they’ve caught the eye of those driving past it, in hopes that they will chuckle, pull over and stop by their store.

Here’s some of our favorite messages the sign has displayed:

Some Political Fun

Hokey Pokey Humor

Everyday Wisdom

Some Family Love

Facebook | Wallingford Sign

A Thoughtful Science Joke

Classic Dog Pun

Monday-Friday Blues

Sports Philosophy

(All images are from the Wallingford Sign Facebook page.)