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Funny Text Exchanges Between Exes

It doesn’t matter how long it’s been. It could’ve been a few hours. It could’ve been a few years. Some people just can’t help themselves and text their exes. And a lot of the time, the results can be hilarious. Here’s a few examples of that.

Take Me Off Your List

This person had a perfect response to getting a random text from their ex. They really encapsulated how they felt in that moment with that picture of Judge Judy. Of course, they still need to tell them to stop bothering them.

They Didn’t Really Cook

Honesty is the best policy, but in this instance it probably wasn’t worth telling the truth. All they really did was make their ex dislike them even more. Seriously, it can’t be that hard to learn how to cook.

Repeat After Me

Best way to get someone to stop talking with you is to just keep repeating them. They’ll get fed up and stop talking to you soon enough. Although, some are a bit more stubborn than others.

An Auto-Generated Reply

Clearly, this reply wasn’t auto-generated. But the dedication of this man is amazing. Looks like if this girl really wanted to get back together with him, she shouldn’t have waited a year.

When You Want Something Back

When you break up with someone, it’s only natural to want some of the presents you gave them. Especially if one of those things is an expensive engagement ring. Other people just want back their wasted time.

Light It Up

Well, this one seems a little excessive. Very unfair and unnecessary to just burn someone’s stuff like that. Well, at least they don’t have to see each other again for the handoff.

Meet Me At The Blockbusters

If you never want to see someone ever again, tell them to meet you at a place that doesn’t exist anymore. It’s a great metaphor for how your relationship no longer exists too. Just like a Blockbuster Video.

Keep Me Warm

There seems to be a reoccurring theme here. That being lighting people or objects on fire. It’s certainly one way to keep someone warm. Especially if it’s an alternative to cuddling with someone you hate.

Waste Of Time

That’s one way to diss someone. Just have their contact saved in your phone as “Waste of Time”. Although, it might be a good idea to leave some indicator of who that might be. The person who the contact was designated too took it in stride though.

Hate It

One person may hate it, but the other one finds it blissful. After all, if you cheat on someone they wouldn’t want to sleep next to you. That’s a privilege reserved for non-cheaters only.

Come Back To Me

Harsh. But perhaps not fully unwarranted. This is a pretty roundabout way to tell someone you don’t want them back. And that only adds to all of our amusement.

Boo On You

A pretty good combination of Boo from Monsters Inc. and the confused girl face meme. There’s no better way to say how little you want to interact with someone then just sending this twice.

A Strong Maybe

This person’s gut feeling about their ex was correct. Although, it seems they didn’t quite want to take the hint after a few days of no responses.

Hint Hint

That’s a little bit more than a hint here. Congratulations to this person though. That’s a lovely ring.

What We Used To Have

Relationships change over time. They change ever more when they end. So if someone stops texting you as often as they used to, don’t take offense by it. You’re not dating anymore.

Oops, Wrong Number

The chances of one person texting the wrong number and the other having gotten a new phone are low. However, those excuses at least stopped them from saying anything else either party might regret later on.

Sudden Plans

If you don’t want to hang out with someone, you often say you already have plans. However, normally you do that before you admit to someone you’re not doing anything later.

Showering For A Week

Don’t actually shower for a week, it’s not good for your skin. Of course, that’s not actually what had happened. The real question is why they replied after a week.

Missing Netflix

When people break up, sometimes they miss the other person for a while. Other times you just miss access to their streaming service accounts.

Do You Hate Me?

That sounds an awful lot like hatred. Maybe they deserve it though. We don’t know why they broke up.

He Still Loves Her

An “I still love you confession” isn’t the strangest thing to do. But if you only dated for two months, it seems a tad excessive. Especially when they broke up nine years ago.

Future Famous Ex

It doesn’t matter how famous you get, if you’re a bad match you’re a bad match. The ex-wife in this scenario hit him with an excellent comeback though.

This’ll Make A Good Meme

Memes can be fun, as long as they don’t take up your entire relationship. It’s likely a love for memes didn’t ruin this one, but one of those involved is a bit more bitter than the other.

Spelling Error

This must have really come from the heart. But how big of a heart could that be if they can’t spell their ex’s name correctly?


It really would be a nightmare to get back together with an ex. Especially if they just weren’t good for you. Of course, for others, it’d be a dream come true.