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Funny Parenting Life Hacks That Are Actually Useful

It’s no secret, parenting can be hard. People love their kids, but they’re not particularly easy to deal with. However, there are a series of life hacks that, while ridiculous, can actually help you raise your child. And while it’s always nice to make something just a little bit easier, that goes double for anything relating to being a parent. Anyway, here are those life hacks.

The Sound Of The Vacuum

If you want to get your kid to vacuum unprovoked, trick your child into thinking you hate the sound of the vacuum. One parent convinced their eight-year-old into thinking that they hate the sound of the vacuum. Now she vacuums whenever she’s mad at her mother.

Child Mops

There’s been a onesie available for the longest time with mop bristles attached to the bottom. Your crawling two-year-old will make a perfect mop on your hardwood floor.

Fry Air Conditioner

When feeding smaller children, it can become an issue giving them hot fries. You can put some of the fries in your air conditioner to cool them off. On the other hand, you can put them in the heater to achieve the opposite effect.

Ears Turning Red

Teaching your kid not to lie is a good thing. Ironically, the best way to achieve this is with a little lie of your own. One parent convinced her child that if he lied, his ears turned red. Whenever he lied he would cover his ears, or otherwise just tell the truth.

Hidden Treats

A common part of parenting little kids is hiding sweets. Rather than just hiding them, you can eat them yourself by hiding small treats like M&Ms in a coffee cup and eating out of it while your kids are doing chores.

Baby Bib

It’s always nice to hold your kids, especially when they’re sleeping. But sometimes you also need to eat. Put a napkin on your kids back and you don’t have to worry about any of your food getting on them.

Ice Cream Van Music

Kids love ice cream and always want to run up to an ice cream truck when they hear one coming. But sometimes, you don’t want to take your kids there. One parent convinced their children that the van playing music meant that they were out of ice cream.

Santa Cam

Most parents tell their children that Santa is real. A lot of parents also agree that those little white lies keep your children happy. One white lie a parent told was that all grocery store security cameras are also Santa cams. That probably keeps them well-behaved when they’re out.

Doll Shoes + Glue

A lot of toys come with small accessories. They constantly go missing because of their size. This is particularly annoying with doll shoes. One parent figured out that you can just glue the shoes to the toy’s feet.

Toast Fries

Plenty of kids like french fries. Plenty of kids like toast. So why not combine the two? Cutting up the toast into fry shapes not only makes a nice and unique treat for kids, but it’ll also be easier for them to eat.

Racing To Get Dressed

If you have two or more kids, normally close to the same age, this might be a good idea. Just turn daily activities and chores into races. Your kids will be getting dressed in just a few minutes every day with just a little competition.

Guilt Trip

This one isn’t something that makes parenting easier but more so just allows you to take advantage of your kids. If your child is upset or things are just out of your control, your spouse may be the one that wants to take care of whatever’s bothering your child if you hold out long enough.


If you want to get your kid to do whatever you want, just carry around small snacks or food items that your child likes. Then you can reward them with the snacks after they do what you want.

Daylight Savings For Kids

Do your kids ever wake up on the weekend, and as a result you have to wake up? One parent told his kids not to wake up until a certain time. Then set their clock back an hour. A devious way to get an extra hour of sleep.

Hide And Seek

This one’s sinister, but sometimes a parent just needs a break. And the easiest way to get that is to ask your kid to play hide and seek. Then, after they’ve hidden, just don’t go looking for them. You can get some work done, take a nap, do whatever. Just make sure to go find your kid before too much time passes.

The Dot Method

If you have young kids with similar or identical clothing, the dot method helps you to tell the difference between your kid’s clothing. The dot method is simply marking one of your kid’s clothes with a dot or two, while leaving the other child’s unmarked.

Monster Spray

Children are always running to their parents and crying about monsters. Monsters aren’t real, but telling that to children won’t make them any less scared. Sometimes you have to act as if they’re real in order to make them feel better. That’s where monster spray comes in. Just take a spray can or windex bottle of some kind and put a monster spray label or something on it. Fill the bottle with water and spray it in your kid’s room. They’ll believe that any monsters in their room will have been scared away.

Cardboard Slide

Here’s a fun thing to put inside your house for your kids. Just make sure the cardboard slide is sturdy enough to withstand a kid or two’s weight. Otherwise this quickly won’t be fun anymore.

Stroller Scooter

Even babies need fresh air. This stroller/scooter combo not only allows you to get around the block quickly, but also help you get an ample amount of exercise.

Makeshift Hammock

All you need is a relatively stable table and some bed sheets for this one. Tie a not over the table and leave plenty of slack underneath it. Then your kid will have a nice place to rest.

Bathing In A Laundry Basket

Moving a child into the bathtub comes with plenty of toys for the bath. But those toys can easily float away. If you put them in a laundry basket, though, then the toys won’t be able to float away.

Chore Games

In the same vein of turning daily activities into a competition, you can also just turn them into a game. Something like sweeping as many small items on the floor into a square of tape. Or attributing points to how many rooms someone’s tidied up in.

Lost Child Phone Number

Children can sometimes run off and get lost in public, in which case they may be found by another adult. If you just give your kid a bracelet with your number on it, whoever found your child can call you so you can come pick them up.

Rice Glove

Sometimes a baby needs the soothing touch of a parent in order to calm down. And that’s where the rice glove comes in. The contours are still similar to human hands, and it’ll mimic the warmth of one if you heat it up a little. This won’t fully replace your own touch, but it’ll help you get a few minutes free.