‘Flower Grandpa’ Steals The Show At This Wedding [Video]

Jennifer Briskin needed a flower girl.

While making the plans for her special day, Briskin didn't know who the flower girl would be. She wanted her Georgia wedding "to be memorable and different without being cheesy."

So instead of asking a young relative to walk down the aisle, she asked her 85-year-old grandpa, Stanley, to be the flower girl for her wedding.

"The idea of having him be a 'flower girl' started out as a joke, and I teased him that I was going to have him wear a tutu and patent leather shoes like a typical flower girl," Briskin told Country Living. "He liked to joke that this would make him 'go viral!'"

But after thinking about the "flower grandpa" idea, she thought it was super sweet and a perfect addition to the wedding ceremony.

So Briskin sent her grandpa an invitation asking him to be her flower grandpa. He said yes, but he almost got cold feet the day before the wedding.

"He was worried that he wasn't up for the task, but I assured him that if 2-year-olds can do it, he could figure it out," Briskin told BuzzFeed. "He insisted on practicing before the big day, so my sister Allison, my maid of honor, bought a pumpkin bucket and fake leaves from the dollar store and they practiced on his driveway."

Even after all that practice, Stanley didn't throw the petals correctly during the wedding ceremony. Walking down the aisle last, he started throwing petals at the guests, surprising the guests with his presence (much as any good flower girl might!).

"As soon as he walked out, I heard constant laughter," Brisket said.

At the reception, Stanley was the talk of the town, greeting others and seeing what their reaction was to his performance.

Briskin knew this was the part her grandpa was born to play. "It was just such a beautiful moment," she told TODAY. "And I was so glad we were able to find a way to incorporate him."