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Americans’ Favorite Dog Breeds: A State-by-state Look

New Jersey: Maltese

The tiny Maltese (it weighs less than seven pounds) is top of the list for dog owners in New Jersey. It makes a great family pet, as it’s an alert watchdog that’s always willing to impress on the agility course. It is also a relatively low shedder. To get the best from a Maltese, the American Kennel Club recommends consistent, rewards-based training.

Celebrity tidbits...

  • Jaleel White once voice Sonic the Headgehog in multiple, older animated series.
  • Kim Basinger bought a town in 1989 to turn it into a tourist attraction, but ended up selling it five years later.
  • Tom Hanks collects typewriters and has over 250 of them in his collection.
  • A new species of horsefly discovered in Queensland, Australia was named after Beyonce. Its scientific name is "Scaptia beyonceae" because of the golden hairs on its abdomen.
  • Kate Bosworth has heterochromia. One of her eyes is blue and the other one is hazel.
  • Britney Spears was in an all-female group called Innosense before she went solo.
  • Ashton Kutcher has webbed feet.
  • Katy Perry wasn't allowed to eat Lucky Charms because her parents said that "luck was linked to the devil".
  • Leonardo DiCaprio's mother gave him his name because he first kicked while she was looking at a Leonardo da Vinci painting.
  • Gwenyth Paltrow and Maya Rudolph have been best friends since they were seven. Their dads were friends in college.