This Father-Daughter Wedding Dance Is Epic [Video]

Father-daughter dances at weddings tend to be fairly expected. There might be tears or laughter, but it's usually a slow dance without much excitement.

Not this Utah bride and her father. They broke out of the conventional dance and choreographed their own special fast-paced melody of songs.

Mikayla Ellison Phillips and her father, Nathan Ellison, took the room by storm at her wedding near Provo, Utah, last month. They danced to a variety of songs, including LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem" and ended their dance session with *NSYNC's "Bye Bye Bye."

This was Ellison's only chance at doing something like this with one of his children.

"I'm the oldest and the only girl so that was my dad's only chance to do something like this," Phillips told ABC News. "He for years has talked about doing that, and he finally convinced me."

From the video, you might think Ellison was a professional dancer. In fact, the bride met her husband when they were paired up as dance partners while both were members of the International Folk Dance Ensemble at Brigham Young University. Ellison works in sales and computer technology.

To make sure their dance went off without a hitch, they practiced every night the week before the wedding. Phillips' husband, Cody, remixed the music, and you can see him DJ'ing in the background.

Even though rehearsing a dance while preparing other elements for her big day was no doubt busy, she is still happy to have made her dad's dream come to life.

"The most fun thing was seeing my dad and how happy he was," Phillips said. "That was a dream fulfilled."

You can also hear the reaction of the wedding guests, as it was a surprise to them as well. While the dance may have stolen the show at the reception, the best part of Phillips' day "was marrying my best friend," she said.

You can watch the video here: