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Fast Food Employees Share Their Secrets

It’s pretty common for fast food employees to seem a little miffed about their jobs. Although, there are also quite a few that manage to put on a brave face and look happy even if they’re miserable. But there are things behind the counter at a fast food joint the public just doesn’t know. And here’s some of those things, at least according to the employees, with their testimonies taken from Reddit.

Pizza Hut Deals

Rather than a gross-out food origin for this one, this one’s just how you can save some cash at Pizza Hut. When ordering off the website, you could just buy a pizza or other products as normal. But if you go to the “Deals” tab on the website, you can get the same orders for a wildly discounted price.

McDonald’s Breakfast

It’s a breakfast for a reason. According to user cleversystem, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to order any of the breakfast items on a McDonald’s menu after 1:00 pm. That’d be because the food would probably be a couple hours old. Not the grossest thing, but you certainly wouldn’t be eating it fresh.

Subway Bread

Bread doesn’t sound like it would be unhealthy. Outside of the carbs, it’s just bread after all. Well, Subway might disagree. There’s so much sugar in the bread that it’s not even legally considered bread in Ireland.

Starbucks Secret Menu

Starbucks does not have a secret menu. If you order a strange drink, the workers there won’t understand you’re talking about. Reddit user darthrevan4ever has made that clear.

Fast Food Drive-Thru Sensors

When going through the drive-thru at a McDonald’s, or any drive-thru really, be careful with what you say. There’s a sensor that, after you set off, allows the workers to hear you while you’re ordering your food. But it doesn’t matter if you’re still ordering or not, the workers can still hear you. One worker talked about commonly hearing about people with STDs, secret pregnancies, and embarrassing medical issues.

Outback Steakhouse Bloomin’ Onion

Outback Steakhouse is a great place for Australian food. And one of the most famous food items is the bloomin’ onion. As it turns out, it’s not any less healthy than you might expect. It just has a massive markup price. User charbarzz says that the bloomin’ onion only costs 70 cents to make. But it costs eight dollars when you order it off the menu.

Panda Express Shrimp Meals

Reddit user turbie used to work at Panda Express. And according to them, if you want a full meal, you shouldn’t order anything with shrimp in it. They’re required to use a smaller serving spoon when serving shrimp-related meals. The company policy is six shrimp per serving.

Domino’s Bread Twists

Domino’s has a bit more to offer than just pizza. It’s got a myriad of other foods, and some of them include garlic bread, in a variety of forms. A particularly popular version of this are the Bread Twists. However, Reddit user feelikekobe said that they weren’t any better than other products. They recommended ordering the Parmesan Bread Bites, as they’re three dollars less and have the same amount of dough.

Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino (With Extra Caramel)

Starbucks is pretty well-known for its variety of tasty, coffee beverages. But it’s not too confusing to find out where that taste may come from. Reddit user prannke calls the Caramel Frappuccino in particular a sugar bomb. Especially the variety with extra caramel. It’s tasty, but it’s got more sugar than a can of Coca Cola.

Chipotle Margarita

From Reddit user l0ckdown, this one about Chipotle may be good or bad depending on how you feel about it. At the fast food joint, when making margaritas, they use actual tequila and triple sec. The resulting mix tends to be stronger than most margaritas from other Mexican restaraunts.

Chick-Fil-A Chicken Salad Sandwich

mengel4545 warned Chick-Fil-A fans to never order the Chicken Salad Sandwich. The chicken salad is made from several day-old frozen chicken patties that are stripped of breading. It’s then chopped up mixed with the other salad ingredients. Chick-Fil-A’s often thought of as a healthier fast food option, but this really makes people second guess that idea.

KFC BBQ Chicken Sandwich

The BBQ Chicken Sandwich from KFC doesn’t look super appetizing on its own. Then you learn where they get the meat from. According to Reddit user no_ice_please, it’s not good. They said that what they used was the chicken too old and stale to send to homeless shelters. They would just soak it in BBQ sauce until it could be pulled, then let it sit on a heater for a month.

Taco Bell Refried Beans

The thing with the refried beans from Taco Bell is that they’re not actually beans. They’re certainly not refried. According to user babycakesjunior, they come as a dehydrated powder. Then they just mix the powder with hot water and it just turns into the beans.

Taco Bell Meat

This one comes from a user appropriate named thisisverybad69. Apparently the meat used for tacos at Taco Bell is barely edible. Seriously, it’s delivered in plastic bags labeled “Suitable for human consumption”.

Carl’s Juniors $6 Burgers

Most of Carl’s Juniors burgers are, in fact, cooked on site. However, that doesn’t apply to the six dollar burgers. According to user halnation, those burgers are reheated in a microwave.

McDonald’s Sweet Tea

User swordwife has a very simple reason as to why you shouldn’t order the McDonald’s sweet tea. Just too much sugar. As a matter of fact, there’s apparently a pound of sugar per gallon.

Burger King Decaf Coffee

Some people order decaf coffee cause, while they need the pick-me-up in the morning. But they also don’t want all of the caffeine associated with a normal cup of coffee. Well, don’t order decaf coffee from Burger King, you won’t get that. Apparently, at least at one location, they didn’t actually serve decaf coffee. They would just water down the coffee so it would taste different.

Wendy’s Homestyle Chicken Sandwich

It’s not that the Homestyle Chicken Sandwich at Wendy’s has bad beginnings, it just has a bad ending. As it turns out, it’s not a popular food item. They can’t afford to just throw out old ones, so the sandwich often ends up just sitting on a heater for a few hours. So if you do order this sandwich, you’re probably not getting it fresh.

Pizza Hut Ham

Ham’s a fairly popular topping on pizzas, and that isn’t any different at Pizza Hut. But you might not want to order some after hearing this. User chepalleee says that Pizza Hut’s ham would turn this disgusting gray after only a day. It would be impossible to tell if it was a day old or two weeks old. Even stranger, after you cooked the ham again it would turn pink again.

Jack In The Box Bacon Cheddar Cheese Wedges

Anyone like the Bacon Cheddar Cheese Wedges from Jack in the Box? You probably won’t after hearing this. According to user baruch_s, it’s fake cheese and fake bacon on fried potatoes. They apparently don’t smell that good in the first place.

KFC Chicken

The chicken at KFC is the biggest part of the restaurant’s identity. It’s in the title after all. But you’ll be disappointed to find out how bad for you this chicken may actually be. At the location user successful-cat8572, their manager tried to have they cook chicken that had already passed the expiration date.

Wendy’s Chili

Have you ever ordered what Wendy’s chili tastes like? Or perhaps where it comes from. Well, you may regret that question. User upstairs_cow says that the chili’s made using the leftover burgers from the previous evening.

Arby’s Roast Beef

Arby’s has the meats alright, but that doesn’t mean they’re actually good. The roast beef at Arby’s isn’t even real roast beef. It’s beef alright, but it’s made from a compressed block of beef scraps. It comes in a bag full of beef broth and you’re supposed to just warm the entire thing in an oven for a few hours.

Sheetz Burgers

Here’s another batch of burgers that are actually microwaved. User cricealleghiri says that Sheetz only microwaves their burgers. However, in comparison, they go the extra mile when it comes to tricking people by putting grill marks on the burgers. The bacon is microwaved too.

McDonald’s McRib

No! Not the McRib! It’s one of the most beloved seasonal foods at McDonald’s. Well, unfortunately it’s got a big problem. According to user skylion72, a raw McRib, if let out at room temperature, will melt into a liquid.