Fashion Trends Women Love, But Men Hate

It appears as though, on average, women care a lot more about their style and how they dress themselves than men. However, that doesn’t doesn’t mean that men don’t care at all. And it also doesn’t mean that they don’t seem to care about a woman’s choices in style either. They may not say it that often, but there are some fashion trends that men just seem to hate. Here are some of the trends that women love, but men just seem to hate.


Peplums are those little frilly parts at the bottom of a shirt or the top of a skirt. While they’re some of the most mundane style choices on this list, some men still have their issues with them. Some even consider them to look similar to maternity ware.


People wear beanies all the time, of both genders. Yet, some men seem to really not like that women wear them. It’s probably more of a preference during warmer months when the beanie doesn’t serve a purpose outside of style.

Wedge Sneakers

These are like those wedge heels, but on sneakers. They’re sort of like those sneaker-like heels that popped up a few years back. Men seem to find this fashion choice to be especially egregious.

Floppy Hats

These sorts of floppy hats are most often seen on a nice, warm, spring day. Although, it creates an aesthetic that some men just can’t stand. It adds to a style of dress known as the “Bourgeoise Bohemian”.

Open Side Shirts

This is a style of shirt that some men wear too. Although, men will attest to hating this type of shirt on both genders equally. The most common reason for disliking this style of shirt though is that it shows too much skin. The reason as to why that’s an issue to may vary.

Bright Lipstick

Women wear lipstick and lipgloss all the time. But it’s when the lipstick is really bright that some men just don’t like it. The idea is generally that it would leave a mark on whoever the woman decides to kiss.

Heavy Eye Makeup

Heavy eye makeup and mascara has a similar dislike from men as heavy lipstick. Although, instead of worrying about getting it on someone, men just view the eye makeup applied this way to simply be too loud.

Bandeau Top

These are basically any tops without straps that also show off a woman’s midriff. It’s a little difficult to understand why men hate this particular piece of clothing. Some have cited a dislike of the shoulders being completely uncovered, but there isn’t a consistent reason as to why.

Pointed Toe Heels

Heels are generally considered uncomfortable for women to wear. And apparently men don’t like them either. More specifically, the pointed toe heel. It’s just something about the shoe itself that men find offputting.

Fake Nails

Fake nails are often incredibly long and very colorful. A lot of men don’t like how gaudy fake nails can be. Not to mention, it can make it more difficult to hold hands.

High-Wasted Jeans

This is the first in a trinity of high-wasted clothing. High-wasted jeans and other pants are the most broad group. They accentuate the rear end, but seem to remind older men of their mom’s jeans.

High-Wasted Shorts

High-wasted shorts have a slightly different problem. If they’re not long enough, some men think that they look like diapers. It can be pretty hard to strike the balance there.

High-Wasted Skirts

And lastly are high-wasted skirts. There aren’t a lot of specific reasons as to why men hate these skirts specifically, but they likely just remind them of the other two.

Fold-Over Ankle Boots

Some men just don’t like boots like these. It’s just a little extra fabric on the top. Yet, some men think they look horrendous.

Ultra High Heels

Another set of high heels on this list, it’s another somewhat understandable one. If a man simply thinks they look incredibly uncomfortable, it can be a bit understandable to see the dislike. Although, others may just not like that the girl they’re standing next to is now taller than them.


Not just pantsuits, but some men hate women dressing in male-style clothing in general. Although, while women can look great in traditionally feminine clothing, they can really kill it in suits as well.

Drop-Crotch Pants

Also known as harem pants, these are worn by both genders. Although, while men seem to hate women that wear these clothes, it wouldn’t be too farfetched for women to hate men that wear them too.

Hair Bows

Women wear a variety of different hair bows. Some in the back, some on top, and others in ponytails. Some men just seem to hate them. It just gives those men the impression that the women who wear them don’t act their age.


Men don’t exactly have an issue when a woman wears one or two bangles on their wrist. The men that really hate them have issues when they’re wearing five to ten bangles on their wrists that clang against each other constantly.

Oversized Sweaters

The big, comfy sweater seems to be an issue with some men. It’s not certain what is. Perhaps it’s just too, big and comfy, or just overly casual. Or maybe some men have just seen women wear it when it’s not cold outside.

Mullet Dress

The mullet dress is a dress that’s longer in the back than it is in the front. For whatever reason, men can’t seem to stand this dress style. Something about it only really covering the rear.


While leggings are often wore at the gym, men’s real issue lie in when women wear them as a default option for pants, which they weren’t exactly designed for. The disdain for leggings go up if they have gaudy designs, such as leopard print.

Shoulder Pads

Some women just wear shoulder pads in their jackets. It is a more tacky design that hasn’t really had traction since it popped up in the 80s.


Rompers make sense in function, they’re essentially just a single piece you can wear with no hassle. However, to some men, rompers have just blurred the line between adult and child’s fashion. To that group, it evokes the same feeling as overalls.

Maxi Skirts

Some men just don’t like maxi skirts. They cover up a lot of the body (while also being really comfortable) so the issue isn’t that they’re showing too much skin. With some men the problem is that they’re not showing enough of it.