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Fashion Choices That Only Make People Look Older

People know what the stereotypical old person wears. Everyone’s seen pictures, and most people have grandparents, themselves. Although, you may not realize when you’re wearing the same things that they are. Here’s some fashion advice on things that may make you look older than you actually are.

Baggy Clothes

Now this doesn’t exactly mean that you should wear skintight clothing. Clothes that hug your skin can also make you look older. There’s a sweet spot. But definitely don’t wear a baggy tunic or flowing pants. It might feel comfortable, but you certainly won’t look any younger. You’ll probably end up looking a little frumpy.

Matching Clothes And Accessories

Your style should compliment itself, but complimenting isn’t the same as wearing the same pattern on everything. If your bag, ribbons, shoes, and dress all have the same exact pattern on them, it starts to look tacky.

Thick And Clunky Footwear

You get immediately aged by wearing frumpy and thick footwear. It looks like you’re wearing orthopedic shoes. As a matter of fact, older people often need the support from orthopedic shoes. So mimicking that style is sure to make you look older. Or at least make your feet look older.

Old Glasses

Now, this image is an exaggeration, but getting drug store glasses or any other older style is bound to make you look older. It might be beneficial to update your glasses’ frames every couple of years as well, especially if you actually need them. A newer design will help you stay looking younger.

Socks With Sandals

Socks with sandals have never looked cool. And the style trend never really made much sense to begin with. After all, if its cold enough you need socks, you shouldn’t be wearing sandals in the first place. And if its actually cold, the socks and sandals aren’t going to do enough to keep your feet warm. There’s the fact that socks with sandals will make your feet look like they’ve aged 40 years in an instant, but that’s seriously the least of your worries if you decide to go with this trend.

Frumpy Jeans

Mom jeans have been having a bit of a resurgence lately, but they’re still best worn by mothers and grandmothers. The shape and design of high-waisted jeans work best whenever they’re tailored to your specific body-type. Otherwise, they might end up looking a bit frumpy.

Pastel Clothing

The first problem with pastel clothing is that the colors have a tendency to wash out. And since hair and skin color naturally dull with age, the pale and soft colors only adds to the problem. You can try playing around with the colors, but make sure to be careful with pastel clothing and hues. Otherwise the style might end up looking a little drab.

Floral Patterns

You can wear some floral patterns on your clothing, but there is a limit. Excessive floral patterns makes you look like Mrs. Doubtfire. You’ll be looking like a senior citizen in no time. Just using a few accessories or patterns with a floral print will be a lot more appealing than taking a bath in someone’s flower garden.

Frameless Glasses

Old glasses are one thing, but wearing frameless glasses might have a similar effect. They aren’t a bad look, but to older people they actually blend into your faces. This adds a “beige” effect. And the lack of presence of frameless glasses make one’s age all the more apparent.

Excessive Jewelry

Have you ever noticed that older women in rom-coms and other movies often has a comically large amount of big jewelry? Sometimes it can be the aesthetic of a hippie type of person, but it may not work for you.

Capri Pants

It doesn’t matter how old you are, you will look older if you wear capris. They’re just not very flattering to the figure and make you legs appear shorter and wider than they really are. Whatever direction they’re headed, your “pants” are also desperately trying to be something else. There’s a reason its hard to find pictures of any young people wearing capris that aren’t just stock photo models.

Dressing Like An Art Teacher

Art teachers always seem to be incredibly young women or rather old women. Yet they all still seem to dress the same. The maxi dresses, duster vests, scarves, and bright colors often give off more of a grandmotherly vibe though, regardless of who’s wearing them. To avoid looking older, yourself, it’d be best to dress less flashily.

Powdered Makeup

Powdered makeup is a surefire way to make yourself look older. It dries out your skin and highlights the creases in your face. Not only does it make you look older, but defeats the purpose of wearing makeup in the first place. Just use cream and liquid makeups instead, with a good primer that will help conceal those lines.


Brooches are alright, but how often do you see young people wearing them? Just wearing one gives off a matronly aesthetic. Brooches themselves just have an old-fashioned air.


Tweed was once considered the go-to clothing style when it came to casual attire. Well, that time has passed. Young people have attempted to implement tweed into their wardrobe, but it just doesn’t look good anymore. Although, it does help if you’re trying to get an older-looking and distinguished appearance.

Peaking Socks

Going without socks while wearing sneakers or flats can be uncomfortable, but you might not want to pair them with ankle socks either. They can peak out and give you a stumpy silhouette. “No show” or loafer socks are a much better option. They cover your feet without peeking out of your shoes.

Poofy Hair

This style of hair was especially popular in the 70s and 80s. And it really should’ve stayed there. Trying to add too much volume to your hair in the first place can be damaging to it. There are some “poofy” hairstyles that look good, but normally the hair grown out is a bit longer than this. Even if you’re not graying, it might end up making you look a decade or two older.

Nude Pantyhose

Tights are necessary, but the shiny, skin-colored pantyhose you can get are just automatically old-fashioned. If you absolutely need them to be skin-colored, get them from a brand like Heist, as they completely cover the leg and are barely noticeable. Otherwise, it might be better to go with a semi-sheer black.

Chasing Trends

And the most important thing is to just not chase trends. They’re fleeting. They may look great for a couple of years, at best, but then they’ll get fazed out soon afterwards. A retro fashion sense can fit someone’s sense of style, but a lot of trends may just not look good on you. And there’s truly nothing wrong with that.