Parents Of Five Children Adopt Three More From Dying Neighbor

The Fox5 Surprise Squad, a team from the Las Vegas news channel that travels around town doing special acts to make people's days, really has outdone themselves this time. Go Happiest tells the story of how the news team came together to help a blended family who was most deserving of this special gift.

According to Go Happiest, mother of three Audrey hadn't been feeling well for some time, so doctors advised her to go to the hospital for tests. In desperation, she asked her neighbor, who she reportedly did not know very well, if she could watch her three kids while she was away for the night.

The neighbor, Tisha Beauchmin, is a mother of five herself, but agreed to help out her neighbor. Sadly, the testing revealed that Audrey had terminal stage two esophageal and stomach cancer.

Desperate to ensure that her children were going to be well cared for, Audrey asked Tisha and her husband Kevin to become the legal guardians for her three children—turning the Beauchmin's family of seven into a family of 10. The Beauchmins agreed without a second thought.

Understandably, the Beauchmins did not have much room in their home for eight kids, so some had to room together/share a bed to make sure everyone had a place to sleep.

Once the Surprise Squad heard the news, they went into the home to evaluate the situation for themselves.

Tisha had been hoping to convert her loft into a bedroom for two of the boys, and the TV show assured her they'd make that happen. The news of this brought the mom to tears.

However, it wouldn't be a true surprise if the news crew had stopped there. You'll never believe what they did next!

They went on to entirely transform the family's home, and the results are pretty astounding.

Watch the video to see the story unfold for yourself. But, make sure you have a box of tissues handy because this is definitely a tearjerker in the best way imaginable!

[h/t: Go Happiest]