A Glimpse Into The Life Of Ex-NFL Player Who Quit Football To Become A Farmer

Sometimes you get to the top and realize you don't want to be there. This is true for ex-NFL player Jason Brown, who quit football to become a farmer back in 2012.

In 2009, Brown became the highest-paid center in the NFL when the St. Louis Rams gave him a five-year, $37.5 million deal. This included $20 million guaranteed.

He played for the Rams from 2009 until 2012 when he was cut from the team. At this point Brown had earned $25 million, and his career was yet to be over.

You won't see Brown playing on Sunday nights, however, because—despite receiving an offer from the Baltimore Ravens—he gave up his career to become a farmer. And not only that, he's farming to help feed those in need.

He runs a 1,000 acre farm in Louisburg, North Carolina, and donates the food he grows—sweet potatoes and other vegetables—to food pantries. Amazingly, Brown learned to farm by watching YouTube videos and with the help of local farmers.

When Brown's agent told him he was making the biggest mistake of his life by leaving the NFL, Brown looked back at him and said, "No, I am not." Brown had questioned the amount of attention given to the football world after losing his brother in the Iraq War back in 2003, so his move away from the NFL was likely not a rash decision.

There is a joy Brown gets from seeing his harvest grown each season.

"When you see them pop out of the ground, man it's the most beautiful thing you could ever see," Brown told CBS about his sweet potatoes.

Food pantries are always surprised to see him giving away so much of his crop, but according to Brown: "Love is the most wonderful currency you can give anyone."