This Escape Artist Cow Jumped Into The Ocean Then Went On Quite The Adventure

A cow boarding an export ship in Australia decided he didn't like the looks of where things were headed, so to speak.

So he decided to make his moooove and jumped off the boat.

The cow was spotted swimming in the ocean off Fremantle Port in Western Australia. Updated news reports reveal there may also have been another cow onboard that helped the escaped cow make a swim for it.

Here's what we know: One cow was seen swimming in the ocean and then got stuck in a jetty, where the Fremantle Sea Rescue took over. Using a rescue vessel and jet ski, the rescue team guided the freedom-loving cow to the nearest beach.

"The animal made its way to shore before running on land into the Fremantle Town Centre, where rangers and other agencies eventually gained control of the animal," the rescue team posted on Facebook. The team wrote "eventually" because the cow evaded rangers and officials for more than a day once it hit land.

While it's possible the cow leapt from the ship, according to WA Today, the more likely scenario is that the cow may have fallen off the ramp while walking onto the boat while it was still docked.

At sunset, the cow even modeled for a picture in the middle of a park, walking past stunned onlookers. We don't know if he enjoyed a picnic under a tree in the park, but for the next few hours, he was running loose.

The next morning, a team of rangers found the cow almost three miles away from where it fell off the boat. You can also check out the video of the cow dodging the rangers, until it was finally wrestled to the ground.

Unfortunately, the cow's adventure eventually took a sad turn, as he passed away from exhaustion after the ordeal. He will be remembered, however, as the "face" of an international animal advocacy group who used his plight to shine light on the "cruelty of the live export industry," according to WA Today.