Epic Prank: Woman Makes Her Husband Think She Adopted A Coyote

What do you think: Did she take it too far with this prank?

Forget love and togetherness. One of the best parts of being married is pranking your spouse. Okay, I kid… but still, pranks between spouses can be pretty hilarious!

At least that is how wife and mother Kayla Eby feels. When her husband was away from home, she decided to prank him by sending him a photo message that she just knew would make him lose his mind.

Facebook, Kayla Eby

Anddddddd… her husband freaks out! (Understandably, because, yes: That is a photo of a coyote curled up next to his child!)


(Some of his more choice language has been edited.)

Facebook, Kayla Eby

For the record, that’s not a REAL picture of a coyote. It’s just been Photoshopped onto the couch. But Eby’s poor husband doesn’t know that!



After the prank, Eby posted screenshots of the text messages on her Facebook page, and they quickly went viral. People thought it was hilarious, and just the perfect amount of naughty.

Of course, coyotes do not actually make good pets. But, hey, they do make for good pranks!

When Eby finally revealed that the photo was just a joke, her husband had a hard time accepting that reality at first. When he finally did, he was a little… shall we say, angry?


Luckily, in the end, Eby and her husband were able to look back and laugh about the experience. The prank has made its way around the internet, so it’s a good thing that her partner has a good sense of humor.

Although Eby later confessed that if she knew the prank was going to go viral, she would have dressed her baby in more than just underwear! So, while her husband has forgiven her, no word on if her child will hold it against her someday when he grows up and finds out the world has seen him in his underwear!

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What do you think? Is this a funny prank, or did this guy’s wife go too far?