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Need Advice? This 12-Year-Old May Have Your Answer

We could all use some therapeutic advice now and then, right? We may be depressed or need help with an issue we're struggling with. Maybe we get that advice from family and friends, maybe from a therapist or—in one unique case— maybe from a tween on a subway station.

That's right. One 12-year-old boy, Ciro Ortiz, has been doling out advice on a New York City subway platform for some time now. He sets up a little table and two chairs—one of which is for his client-of-the-moment, of course—and holds mini sessions with people.

Ortiz, also known as the “Emotional Advice Kid,” charges $2 per five-minute session, making him a wonderfully cost-effective alternative to many other forms of therapy. What a great way for him to save up money, you may be thinking. But, the plot gets ever sweeter. He doesn't save the money for himself—he gives it to kids who cannot afford school lunches.

Here's a photo of Ortiz at work.


How cute is that?! And here's a couple others.





Such intensity!

Ortiz started his therapy practice, so to speak, in October. You'll find him giving out advice on Sundays, and he'll make as much as $50 a day. And the reason behind his practice will melt your heart. Ortiz started it after being bullied in school—helping others was his solution. What a kid.


The “Emotional Advice Kid” also posts inspirational advice on Instagram.






Is Ortiz making you want to get to NYC right now to see him and get some advice? Us too.

Ortiz has been getting more and more people's attention—including Jimmy Fallon's. Fallon recently interviewed the “Emotional Advice Kid” on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon." Check out the interview below:

You can also see Ortiz in action with some clients in this short YouTube video.

Apparently, Ortiz hears a lot from people on how much times are changing. What does he respond? “Try to accept change. Everything changes. We have to change, too.”

Okay, not only do we love that, but it's official: We need to find a way to go see the “Emotional Advice Kid” in person. If you happen to be in New York, you should definitely pay Ortiz a visit.