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Elderly Couple Finally Reunited After Being Forced To Live In Separate Nursing Homes

For over eight months, Anita and Wolfram Gottschalk from British Columbia, Canada, both in their early 80s, had to live in separate nursing homes… after being together for 62 years. (Wow.)

If you know anything about nursing homes, getting a relative placed into one—especially the one you want for them—can be quite the challenge and take a lot of work, almost akin to getting your child into a certain, select school.

But on September 22, Anita and Wolfram were reunited at last and are finally able to live in the same nursing home, thanks to their granddaughter, Ashley Bartyik, 29.

How did it happen?

On August 23, Bartyik took to Facebook and described how and why her grandparents had been separated. The post was shared almost 11,000 times. Bartyik wrote that her grandparents' separation had been "due to backlogs and delays by our health care system."

“We want justice for my grandparents who after 62 years together deserve to spend their last moments in the same building,” her post continued.

We'll say.

On top of that, Wolfram, 83, was diagnosed with lymphoma last month. He also has congestive heart failure and dementia, though thankfully, he still recognizes his 81-year-old wife.

"The time is ticking now more than ever before," Bartyrik told CNN.

Every other day, a member of their family, usually Bartyrik, would drive Anita 30 minutes to see Wolfram, so the couple could see each other, “so he does not forget her,” Bartyrik said on Facebook. And, each time, Wolf and Anita would cry upon parting. “It's an emotional outburst from both of them,” Bartyik said.

Bartyik's August Facebook post got international attention, as well as attention from the place that mattered most— healthcare authority Fraser Health, who worked with the family on the matter.

A few days ago, Wolf was permitted to move into The Residence at Morgan Heights, where Anita lives.

(Excuse us while we wipe away a few tears.)

“…The reunion saw tears of joy for all involved,” Bartyik said in her Facebook post announcing the news. “They can now be under the same roof for their remaining years, and we couldn't be more grateful. They would like to thank Fraser Health for this reunion, and also the media for helping to get their story heard. They also wish to thank everyone around the world that liked, shared, or discussed their story…”

Here are a few pictures, as well as a video (but make sure your Kleenex box is full!). We're so happy they are back together.

He Reaches For Her…

They Look At Each Other (Look At The Love!)…

And They Hold Hands, Reunited At Last.

Want more? You can watch the reunion in action here.