Dog Tries To Clean Up His Own Accident, Internet Applauds

Acelin Hampton is a recording artist based in Texas. He thought his fame would come through hard work in the studio and putting out some sick beats.

Instead, he's become famous because of his adorable puppy.

Three months ago, Acelin Hampton went to the adoption center and picked up a cute dog named Pablo. Ever since Pablo came home, Hampton has cleaned up his accidents, even though Pablo has "gotten good with using the restroom outside," Hampton told BuzzFeed News.

Still, accidents happen, and when Hampton cleans up after Pablo, he uses toilet paper while Pablo watches intently. It's like he's taking notes or something, because Pablo has a history with toilet paper, you see. One time, he "ripped [the toilet paper] up all around my room," said Hampton.

But this particular accident was the best.

Hampton left Pablo at home and hired a friend to puppy-sit him. But Pablo had to go and so he went. On the bathroom floor.

When Hampton came home, he saw a wad of toilet paper covering a wet spot, with a trail of paper leading back to the roll on the wall. Hampton then realized Pablo "tried to clean it up" himself.

Amused, Hampton posted the incident on Twitter, saying that he wasn't all that angry at Pablo seeing as the pup tried his best to clean up after himself. And the internet agreed.

The post has since gone viral, giving Pablo a gold star for his efforts. Hampton, who goes by the stage name Billie Band$, created another Twitter account for Pablo called Pablo Band$.

"He does a lot of things that let me know he's pretty smart," Hampton said about his dog.

Uh, yeah. I think I speak for everyone when I say we're all impressed with this dog's ingenuity.