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Dog Refused To Let Baby Sleep Alone And Made The Parents Call The Cops

Dogs are man’s best friend. Not only are they fun to play with, they’re protective of their owners too. Regardless of their age. This is the story of a dog that refused to let its owners’ baby sleep by itself. And when the parents found out why, they decided to call the cops.

Jessy, David, And Benji

It all started where one might expect, when David and Jessy discovered that she was pregnant. They had wanted to become parents for a long time, so this was incredible news. But there was one question on what to do with their dog, Benji. They hoped that she would response positively when the baby arrived, although Jessy had heard stories about dogs that wouldn’t accept a new baby in the house. While they hoped that wouldn’t be the case with Benji, they didn’t want to have to give her away if worst came to worst. One day, Benji began barking at Jessy’s stomach, recognizing that she was pregnant. And that scared Jessy.

What’s The Dog Doing?

They just couldn’t understand what was suddenly causing Benji’s new behavior. They were worried that she might have sensed something wrong with the baby. Or that she otherwise felt threatened by its presence. Jessy felt as though they needed to figure out what was going on before things got out of hands. So, she took Benji to the vet. She was worried for both her dog and her baby, hoping she wuoldn’t need to make any hard choices.

A Tough Decision

Of course, if they had to choose between their baby or their dog, they’d be forced to send Benji to the shelter. But they didn’t want it to have to come to that. And it certainly wouldn’t be an easy decision to make. The vet wasn’t of much help. Beji seemed to be perfectly fine. Although, they said that Benji might sense that something was up with the baby, and that she should perhaps get herself checked out.

Seeing The Doctor

The doctor told Jessy to come in as soon as she called. So, Jessy called her friend, Anne. She had always been there for her, so taking her to the doctor’s office was a simple task. The receptionist let them right in and the doctor gave Jessy an ultrasound. They did a few other tests as well, but the results came out just fine. Nothing was wrong with the child, but that just made Jessy more curious about what was making Benji act up.

A Helpful Babysitter

Jessy seemed to completely break down after this. It really seemed as though she was going to be forced to choose when the baby arrived. But Anne was there to give her a shoulder to cry on. And she offered to help with the baby if necessary. She would be there and would be fully willing to babysit her child.

Welcome, Lily

Jessy was comforted to know she had a friend like Anne that would be willing to help her out. A few weeks after this, Jessy and David’s child was born, a baby girl named Lily. Although Benji still seemed to be acting strangely, it was a little different from before. The first few weeks after Lily was born, Jessy and David stayed at home in order to take care of her. Benji seemed to calm down during this time and the parents decided to go back to work. But while babysitting Lily, Anne called them with startling news.

Staying By Her Side

As it turns out, while Anne was watching Lily, Benji refused to let her sleep alone. Jessy was confused and told David, but he didn’t find this particularly noteworthy. He said Benji was just looking out for Lily and thought it was cute. But one day, Anne called again, in complete distress. She had separated Lily and Benji, and when she came back down, Benji had attacked Anne. David knew he would have to punish Benji to prevent something like this from happening again.

What’s Off?

David decided to take Benji to the vet again, but he didn’t get reassuring news. They said that they either needed to take Benji to a shelter or determine what was causing her to act out immediately. David didn’t want to get rid of Benji, not yet at least, and he felt as though something was off. The vet implied that he and his wife might have been the problem. After all, why was Benji so concerned about letting Lily sleep alone? Although David was confident they weren’t the issue, but doubt started to build his anxiety.

Watching Them Together

They decided they wanted to see how Lily and Benji interacted. But Lily seemed to love Benji. And Benji loved her in return. They were so close, it seemed strange to believe that Benji would be acting out because of her. But every time Lily fell asleep, Benji was always quick to get by her side. David didn’t think it was too crazy, but he was confused. And then one day, Anne called again, alarmed. She said that Benji had bitten her. And then David realized something.


Benji would only act out when Anne was around. He was perfectly calm whenever she wasn’t David shared his concerns with Jessy, but she said that he was overreacting. She pointed out that Benji wouldn’t let Lily sleep alone, so it couldn’t be Anne that was the problem. But was that true?

Putting In Surveillance

Even so, Jessy thought it would be helpful to install cameras around the house. When they told Anne about the cameras, she seemed uneasy. David already didn’t trust her. David scanned through the first few days of footage, but couldn’t find anything unusual. Benji was being protective as usual, but seemed to be looking out for Anne. She didn’t trust Anne at all.


One day, he just broke. He confronted Anne, shouting her and asking what she was doing to her daughter. Anne didn’t take this lightly, and responded that the dog had been acting up since Jessy was pregnant. Of course, then Jessy arrived. She was enraged at David for confronting Anne and couldn’t believe that her partner was confronting her best friend about harming Lily. Jessy said that he either had to figure out what was making Benji act out or they’d need to take her to a shelter.

Reviewing The Footage

And that’s when David realized something. Anne always said that Benji acted out at night. He still hadn’t reviewed the nighttime footage. But when he went to check, all of that footage had been deleted. So, he made an encrypted backup of the night recordings. The next day he checked his backup, and saw something disturbing climbing through the window of the baby’s room.

Completely Stunned

David could barely breathe. He was completely stunned. But he kept watching. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing, but knew he needed to call the police immediately. David called Jessy and told her to come home. It didn’t take much longer for the cops to arrive. Jessy demanded to know what was going on, and when David showed her the footage she broke down.

Good Girl

One of the officers told David and Jessy that they should be proud of their dog. She was able to sense that something was wrong. The footage had explained Benji’s behavior towards Anne, who the police needed to find immediately. They had questions for her. They called her, but she didn’t answer. Where was she?

Sniffing Something Out

At the time, Benji was in Lily’s room. When the police entered, she immediately ran towards one of the walls and started barking at it. The officers quickly knew what that meant. They took a sledgehammer to the wall and broke it down. It was so urgent they hadn’t even cleared it with the homeowners. But it turned out to be worth it. There was a hidden compartment.

The Truth

They took everything out of the hidden compartment, where they found a safe. While waiting for a safe cracker, they began to run a background check on Anne Anderson. As it turned out, there was no Anne. The woman who Jessy thought was her friend had been completely made up. Jessy broke down again, not knowing how to digest the information. Her best friend of ten years had been a complete fraud. Just what was going on?

Getting In The Safe

Benji had been barking at the safe the entire time, although not leaving Lily’s side. When the safe cracker finally broke in, everyone was completely surprised. They found money, jewelry, documents, and passports. The officers opened one of them up and Jessy was surprised to see Anne’s face.

Who Was Anne?

They realized that Anne wasn’t Anne. Her true identity was an international spy, wanted in 17 countries for espionage. David was the director of a national security company and had access to the national security grid. Anne had likely been hired by a rival company, or even another government, to leak company secrets. At night, she would try to hack his computer and wipe the security footage. But thanks to Benji, she had finally been found out.