This Dog Has NO Idea Who Dug A Hole In The Yard, But It Certainly Wasn’t Him [Video]

That old saying "you're lucky you're cute" applies so often to our pets and children, and that is especially the case with this Golden Retriever, Jack.

You see, Jack was having a grand old time digging a hole in his owner's lawn without a care in the world until said owner had to come along and bust him. But Jack, just like every guilty party caught in the act, does a really good job of playing it cool and trying to hide his evidence. Because he wasn't digging a hole. Nope, no hole. Jack's just a dog chilling in a yard—he's not doing anything he shouldn't be.

Watch the hilarious video his owner captured below:

Good work, Jack. You've convinced us. We know you're innocent.

[h/t Rare]