A Deer And A Hunter Just Had A Most Unexpected Encounter

Well, isn't this a curious case.

Jordan Maxon from New Richmond, Wisconsin, has been hunting for 12 years. Just recently, while out setting up a tree stand in an area of woods, Maxon had a close encounter with a deer—but the story ends on a much happier note than you'd expect from one that starts with "So, a hunter comes across a deer?"

As Maxon shared on YouTube, after setting up his stand, he saw a buck about 70 yards away.

"I figured I'd wait for him to leave the clearing," he writes. "However, after 5 minutes of standing there he wouldn't leave." Rather than shoot the deer (it looks like deer hunting season, with a gun, doesn't happen until November in Wisconsin), Maxon climbed down from his stand and waited at the base of the tree.

And then, as Maxon describes it, "the most unreal thing I've ever experienced while hunting happened," and the buck walked right over to the hunter looking for a head scratch. Maxon wrote on YouTube that in 12 years of hunting, he's never seen anything like it.

Needless to say, this story certainly had a happy ending for both the deer and the hunter.

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