How To Decorate With Farmhouse Style Without It Feeling Old-Fashioned

Although farmhouse style has been around for a minute now, it still is going strong. Just take a look on Pinterest for proof! The rustic and traditional aesthetic definitely appeals to folks across the country and we don’t see it going away any time soon.

However since the style has been popular for a while, we have a few recommendations to make the look feel modern and fresh. It’s time to throw out the burlap and bring in lovely and light additions. Read ahead to see a few tips to give new life to your fun rustic space.

Written by Shelby Wax for Lonny.

1. Sweeten Your Seat

Want to update your entryway? Add a farmhouse flair with some vintage found objects, intriguing textiles, and summery hats.

3. Pick A Palette

Have a unique element to your home like a colorful vintage door? Create cohesion in your space by choosing textiles and pieces in a similar hue.

4. Play With Symmetry

A space that’s too symmetrical can feel a bit boring. Give your room some intrigue by accenting walls with fun art or a coat of paint.

5. Modern Rustic

Just because you like farmhouse style doesn’t mean you can’t have modern shapes. We love how the cowhide rug gives this modern dining set a rustic edge.

6. Safe Haven

Want to give a farmhouse edge to your bedroom? Choose cozy furniture pieces and soft textiles while accenting it with rustic pieces that still maintain a calm environment to rest your head.

7. Comfy Cool

While we love a great coffee table in reclaimed wood, why not try out a large upholstered ottoman instead? Those soft edges are perfect to make your space more family friendly as well.

8. Lighten Up

Thinking of putting some shiplap on your walls? Choosing an option in lighter wood hues can make your home feel fresh and also works with a variety of decor styles if you want to change it up in the future.

9. New Directions

Alternatively, try arranging your wood panels in a diagonal or herringbone style to add a unique dynamic to your walls.

10. Bright Idea

Don’t be afraid to do something unexpected! We love these vintage industrial spotlights in this more traditionally farmhouse bathroom.

11. Mix It Up

We’re all for blending a few styles in your space. Classic hues and a wood countertop feel so fun and fresh paired with subway tile and open shelving.

12. Make A Moment

Take some unexpected risks. An empty hallway can turn into a moment you love with the help of some simple decor and a coat of paint.

13. Pillow Party

Textiles are a great way to have fun with your decor. This comfy seating area is totally enhanced by a variety of lovely linen pillows, blankets and even a fur throw.

14. New Neutrals

Soft bluish grays and blush hues are great options if you want a more neutral home that still packs a modern punch.

15. Texture Talk

Just because your home is going for a farmhouse looks doesn’t mean you can’t amp up your space with shag carpet, velvet seats, or raw wood elements.

16. Create Definition

Working with an open-plan home? Use rugs and light fixtures to help create definition between spaces.

17. Artful Addition

While most homes have art, not many have a set of pieces from one artist on display. Create an elevated moment with a gallery wall that is cool and cohesive.

18. Show Your Stripes

Looking for a new area rug for your living room? Consider a striped option in a neutral shade. It not only can help pull everything together, but also adds a bit more personality to your space.

19. Very Vintage

Redecorating a kitchen? You don’t need to give it a totally modern look. We love how this room has curated flea market finds and a beautiful marble island to give it a high-low mix.

20. Mirror, Mirror

Mirrors are not only great to make a room feel bigger, but we love one in an oversized circular shape for an extra modern touch.

21. Beautiful Backsplash

While this laundry room would have looked nice with simple wood walls, a marble backsplash gives it an extra elevated oomf.

22. Black & White

Are you a minimalist dabbling into farmhouse style? Try picking out more rustic finds in black and white. It not only keeps things on-palette but also adds some modern drama to your decor.

23. Tile Away

One of our favorite ways to give any room an instant refresh? Lay down a fresh set of patterned tile.

24. Hang Out

Already have a more modern bathroom? Hang your mirror with natural rope for a rustic touch.

25. Curate A Collection

The best way to make your farmhouse feel like your own? Find pieces you love and constantly give small updates to your space. There’s no need for a total revamp.