People Are Sharing Their Dating Fails On Twitter

There is no magic number of people you must go out with before you find “The One.” However, most people have to kiss a lot of frogs before they find their prince or princess.

Dating can be intimidating, expensive and seriously disappointing. If you have ever felt like throwing in the towel after a really bad date, you’re not alone. Commiserate with others who were looking for a love connection but wound up with Twitter-worthy dating horror stories instead.

First Impression

It stinks when someone dings your car door in a parking lot. It’s even worse when they do it right in front of you and don’t acknowledge it. But when the offender turns out to be your blind date, that’s just salt in the wound. Here’s the lowdown from Twitter user @_KelsieMarie_:

Falling On The First Date

Apparently, @AnneSpezzia is one tough cookie. Not only did she handle breaking her collarbone like a champ, but she stuck around for a couple flicks afterward. On top of all that, her less-than-chivalrous date let her drive herself to the hospital.

How I Met Your Mother

Meeting your date’s parents can be touch-and-go. @Atticville had the “pleasure” of meeting her date’s mom once before. Unfortunately, the chance encounter might have involved a ride in a police car.

Front Row At The Concert

This date could be the trifecta of bad dates. Not only did @bigsisternes’ date bring a friend, but the friend was a wannabe Michael Jackson impersonator. Let’s not forget the emergency room visit, either.

Sharing His Food

You know that famous scene in “Lady and the Tramp”? The pooch pair shares a plate of spaghetti and it’s sweetly romantic. That was not the case with this dating fail courtesy of Twitter user @briannehooper.

He’d Rather Text Than Talk

So he shows up drunk. OK, really drunk. At least he wanted to communicate. We feel for you, @brittanyalex14.

Other Interests

She’s expecting dinner, but he already ate at his mom’s. She introduced him to a friend who happened to be at the theater, and he asks for the friend’s number. At least @chatty_cathy84 was able to enjoy the movie.

Not The Brightest Crayon In The Box

What are the odds that two pairs of identical twins would be dining together on Valentine’s Day? The odds are slim. Very, very slim. Intrigued? Check out Twitter user @Claire_Purcell’s story:

Should’ve Known Better Than To Cheat The Restaurant

A karaoke bar can be a fun place for a first date. Singing a song about infidelity to your date might not be the best choice, though. At least he picked up the tab, right? Here’s the terrible tale from Twitter user @Deendalee:

His Interest In Real Estate

Talking about past relationships can give you clear insight into your date’s personality. As Twitter user @ellesep realized, finding out he lived off each ex (or his mom) could even be considered a gift. Looks like it was time for him to move again. Move along, that is.

Mistaken Identity

Texting can be a safe and non-threatening way to ask someone out. Unless you have multiple contacts with similar names, that is. In that case, it can be the basis of a major dating fail. Check out Twitter user @Erin1237’s worst date:

Hair Inspector

There is nothing wrong with some PG physical contact on a first date. An arm around the shoulder or brushing the hair away from your date’s face can be super sweet. As @eveeebyrd would like to point out, however, scalp-grabbing should likely be avoided.

Meet My Ex

Running into your date’s former partner can be awkward. Finding out he knew she would be there is embarrassing. But when he cries and begs her to take him back, you can safely call it a night. Twitter user @iamcandydax certainly did.

Sent To The Friend Zone

We have some questions about this dating fail reported by Twitter user @JSandlinWriter. Was the waiter hitting on this guy’s date? Why would she let her “friend” pay for everything? We might never know.

Dad On A Date

Encountering your parents while on a date can be uncomfortable. Encountering one of your parents with someone who isn’t your other parent could be life-shattering. @Kismetcally’s poor date probably wondered what went wrong.

Not Too Sick To Flirt

You can’t help getting sick from bad food. You can help not trying to get dates with other people while on a date. Wonder if @lindachilders1 gave him a ride home from the hospital?

He Really Loved Her Name

When a date says you remind them of someone special, it can be sweet. When your date says you remind them of their small child, things can get creepy quick. When he goes on about it, you might opt to ask for the check. Twitter user @mackenseize was justifiably weirded out.

Lasting Memories

Some first dates really make a mark on you. In this case, the mark was surgery and three months in a cast. The good news is that @macknzmarie’s date turned into a long relationship.

Sinking Ship

“Titanic” is one of the most romantic movies ever, in some peoples’ opinions. It might be a bit much for a first date. Throw in the date’s wife and it’s a hard pass. We’re shaking our heads at @MamaKnowsSocial’s unbelievably terrible first date.

Fancy Meeting You Here

Canceling plans half an hour before your date is rude. Running into each other at the place you were supposed to go to on your date is downright tacky. At least he apologized to @perrimichelle_.

The Bartender Took Over

It’s their first date, but he leaves her alone at the bar while he plays pool with the guys all night. She could have gotten angry. Instead, @Queen_Goth_PS4 got the bartender.

Accidental Tag

Posting on social media while on a date shows bad manners. That doesn’t even begin to describe this dating fail shared by Twitter user @RoadRunner807. Tagging your date in a post about how bad things are going while on the date is a new level of unmannerly.

Wait, What?

We hope she was already at the table when @sedore93 arrived. Otherwise, this is sheer craziness. Can’t help but wonder who paid.

Smooth Moves Gone Wrong

Things are going great. He pulls the classic arm stretch to get a little closer. Next thing you know, you’re explaining to her dad how she got that shiner. Poor @SamWilletts1.

Dating Scheme?

Everybody has to earn a living. Trapping someone into listening to your multi-level marketing talk by asking for a date seems especially slimy, though. We don’t think Twitter user @sitisarah_jamil fell for his pitch.

Oh, Brother

Imagine getting excited because your friend’s cool, older boyfriend wants to set you up with his cool, older friend. Then, imagine that you meet said friend, only to find out you already know him. When we say know him, we mean you have the same parents. This is what actually went down in the case of Twitter user @tess_chaney:

What Would Stan Lee Say?

You should never go into a relationship trying to change someone. This is especially bad on a first date. When you bring The Avengers into the equation, you have really gone too far. For @TheGamerAuthor, it was a dealbreaker.

Mixing Business With Pleasure

At first, Twitter user @uppyday must have thought he was quite the romantic. After all, who has a trunk filled with roses for a date? The guy who wants to make some easy money, that’s who.

Arrested Development

One would think that a movie date between two consenting adults would be a no-fail choice for a first date. Twitter user @Uber4Chocobos certainly did. We don’t know what we find more troubling here — his reaction to the flick or his relationship with his mom.