Dad Texts Daughter All The Reasons He Loves Her Mom—And Now We’re All Sobbing

Here is a heartwarming love story for the holidays.

A teenage girl (Twitter user @sydnyy_) decided to write an essay about her parents for school. As part of her research, she was discussing her parents' marriage with her father. In a series of text messages, her father revealed the history of their love affair and why he came to appreciate her mother so much. Screenshots of the messages quickly went viral as people around the world responded to the love and adoration that was so obvious in the meaningful text message exchange.

People are saying that the messages are truly a gift for the daughter.

And that it is giving them goals.

The tweets have really struck a chord with people across the country. It is not often that we hear people sing the praises of their long-term partners, especially when they have busy families. Being a parent can take a lot of time and energy, and as such, marriages can suffer. So it is wonderful to hear a partner reveal that becoming a parent actually helped to save their marriage, rather than the other way around. It's an important message, and one that is definitely worth sharing!

Here's to many more years of happy marriage for Sydney's parents. Now go text your spouse and tell him or her how loved they are and cc: your kids!