Dad Set Up Sweet Halloween Surprise On A Flight For His Little Girl

Halloween is such an exciting time for little ones. Not only do they get to dress up and eat candy, but they get to enjoy a day in which everyone (even total strangers) offers smiles, sweets and lots of positive feedback.

However, one little girl was very sad this Halloween. Little Molly was headed to San Francisco on a flight on All Hallows' Eve, meaning that she would not be able to go trick-or-treating this year. She was bummed. But luckily, her sweet dad came the rescue!

Before the flight took off for San Fran, Molly's dad walked up and down the aisles and handed out candy to everybody on the flight. He also included a little note that asked travelers to hand out a piece of candy to Molly when she "trick-or-treated" on the plane.

So adorable! What a great dad. He went the extra mile to make sure that his daughter had a magical holiday, and he also ended up bringing lots of joy and entertainment to the other passengers.

Nor is this sweet dad the only guy creating heartwarming Halloween stories this season! What about these amazing nurses at St. Luke's Hospital in Missouri who made the cutest tiny homemade costumes for their littlest patients in NICU?

Too much 'awww' to handle!

Who says Halloween is all about ghouls and goblins? As these stories prove, it's a day that is about sharing the love and celebrating the playful, child-like spirit that still exists within all of us.

Kudos to these Halloween heroes! Thanks for making sure every child gets to enjoy the day, whether they are on a plane or in the hospital.