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Dad Finds Something In Daughter’s Strange-Smelling Car

Everyone uses cars to get around. They’re an important part over everyday life. That’s why most people try their hardest to get their license as soon as possible after turning 16. And some of the nicer parents will even gift their children a car when they’ve proven themselves competent drivers. However, those purchases aren’t always new cars. And sometimes the previous driver left something a little unexpected behind. Here’s how a father dealt with the strange smell coming from his daughter’s car.

Kevin And Louise

Kevin Duke was a single parent. He lived alone with his daughter, Louise. He was a local handyman, doing everything he could to provide for his beloved daughter. As devoted a father he was though, the kind gesture he would perform was truly a surprise. Only topped by the actions that would follow.

Sweet 16!

Louise, herself, was definitely a daddy’s girl. She was about to turn 16, but she’d always be Kevin’s baby. Wanting to make her sweet 16 memorable, Kevin decided to get her a present she’d remember for years. And while she would, it wasn’t for the reasons they expected. Not only did he get her a fantastic birthday cake, but he also got her a second-hand car. It took him a few days of searching, but he finally found one for a good deal. And the car was in good shape too.

The Perfect Gift

Kevin was incredibly excited to give Louise the car. Although, he wasn’t going to give it to her without checking it out first. Buying second-hand was a little risky after all. Although, the test driving and interior otherwise seemed good. The car was perfect. He bought the car, not knowing the secrets that the vehicle held.

Ford Focus

The car was a Ford Focus and it was absolutely spotless. It seemed almost like it was brand new. After his purchase, Kevin mulled over what to do. The salesman in particular seemed as though he really wanted to sell this car. Well, there was nothing wrong with it after all, so he bought it, a decision he wouldn’t soon regret.

Hiding Her Present

Of course, while driving home, Kevin realized that he had a problem. He had to hide the car until it was actually Louise’s birthday in a few days. The garage was the only place he could really hide it, and it wasn’t exactly clean. He wished that he had cleaned it before he left, but a plan quickly sunk into his mind.

Cleaning The Garage

Louse would be home from school any minute. So, Kevin parked the car a couple blocks down the street and began cleaning out the garage. He shoved boxes into shelves, tucked away the ladder, and took care of his gardening tools. As soon as the area was clear, he went back to get the car and drive it to the garage. That’s where it would stay, right up to the big day.

A Strange Smell

It was the morning of Louise’s birthday. Kevin had woken up early to prepare her surprise, making himself some coffee before going out to the garage. That’s when he noticed a strange smell coming from it. Although he didn’t think much of it at the time. He just opened the door, released the hand break, and gently pushed the car out of the garage. He then tied a ribbon to its bonnet, like in all those car commercials.


After preparing breakfast, Kevin greeted Louise as she came down the stairs with two gigantic balloons and a massive smile. He could feel tears welling up in his eyes as he watched her come down, giving her a hug and telling her that her present was outside. Everything had been going according to plan.

Over The Moon

Louise ran outside and was absolutely delighted to see the car with the ribbon tied to it. All she could feel was absolute joy when Kevin shouted, “It’s yours!” She was completely over the moon. She raced over, opened the door, and hopped inside. And then almost immediately, her smile disappeared.

The Smell Persists

Kevin asked what was wrong, but the answer seemed obvious to Louise. “It smell, can you smell it?” she said. Kevin poked his head in the car and found himself retching like his daughter. Louise scrambled out of the car and slammed the door. Now the duo how to figure out what had happened in the car and what the source of the bad smell was.

Checking The Inside

Kevin and Louise were both stumped and freaked out by the terrible smell. It hadn’t smelled like this a few days ago. Kevin decided to go back inside to see if he could find the source of the smell, looking for anything unusual. But everything seemed as tidy as it was when he had bought the car. There was nothing under the seats either. Eventually he checked the dashboard, and upon opening the glovebox he was met with his answer.

What’s In The Glovebox?

Immediately, the smell became ten times worse. He couldn’t help but grimace. It was clear that it was the source of the smell, but still, nothing seemed very unusual. Aside for a protective rubber mat that was hiding something.

An Unexpected Item

Kevin took a deep breath before pulling the mat out. And then he saw a letter fall out. The envelope had writing on it. It said “New Car Owner, Important Info Inside”. Now that had Kevin feeling a little nervous.

The Strange Letter

Kevin started to open up the envelope. He thought it could have been a prank or something else bad. Perhaps something to do with the bad smell. Rage started to build up in him, as someone seemed to want to ruin his daughter’s birthday. But there was no way to know what was going on for sure without opening the letter. Little did Kevin know, he was way off the mark.

A Kind Note

The letter said, “To the person who gets this car, you have got a very special vehicle. This car holds a lot of memories for me. I hope it’s the best car you’ve ever had, and I want it to run for 100 years”. Kevin continued reading and found his heart overflowing with emotions. He never would have imagined this was what the letter would have said. Or what the origin of this car was.

Sabrina’s Car

The car used to belong to a woman named Sabrina Archey. The letter continued to explain that it belonged to her mother, who died on February 25th, 2015. Not only that, but the house fire that had claimed her mother’s life had also claimed the life of her six-year-old daughter and aunt. While she wanted to keep it, she was forced to sell the car because of financial difficulties. But it was always more than a car to Sabrina.

Happy Times

The car had so many memories for Sabrina. She and her family sang her favorite song there all the time. It was also where Sabrina changed many diapers, in the backseat. And it was the only item belonging to her mother that hadn’t been destroyed in the fire.

Guilt Creeping In

The more Kevin read, the more tears began to gather in his eyes. Louise, who had been reading the letter from behind him, tried to comfort her father. He felt terrible for his initial thoughts, and even worse for buying a vehicle that meant so much to someone. Although, there was still another surprise in store for the family. That is, the origin of the bad smell.

The Source Of The Smell

Unable to stand the smell for any longer, Kevin got out of the car. And when he finished reading, he turned his attention to the mat that he had earlier discarded. The woman had mentioned she had left something for them. Beneath the glove box was the culprit. It probably would have taken them a while to figure out what it was without the letter.


It was banana-flavored yogurt, having become smell and discolored. Sabrina had written that it was her daughter’s favorite snack and that she hadn’t had the heart to remove it. They likely had been able to stay cool at the dealership to prevent any bad smells, but the garage was a lot more humid in comparison. Even so, Kevin found it hard to angry at this point, especially after reading Sabrina’s story.

Going Viral

Kevin posted the letter on a website called “Love What Matters”. It didn’t take long for Sabrina’s story to go viral. Thousands expressed sympathy for her. Sabrina even saw the post. But nobody, especially not Sabrina, would’ve been able to predict what would happen next.

Kind Donations

People around the globe got in touch with her. They had started to donate money to her in order to help her get her old car back. And she managed to do just that. She received thousands of dollars in donations, allowing her to buy back her old car. But that left the question of what Kevin and Louise would do?

Back Where It Belongs

Kevin didn’t mind selling the car back to Sabrina. He was actually happy she would be getting it. It was a much more cherished possession for her, after all. To them it was just a car. Sabrina was finally able to let go of the past and look towards the future.

Proud Daughter

Fortunately, just because they were selling the car back to Sabrina didn’t mean that Louise couldn’t get a different car. With the money Sabrina had paid them, Kevin bought Louise a new Ford Focus. Although it wasn’t as big of a surprise, that didn’t make her any less appreciative of the gift. Needless to say, it was a memorable birthday for both father and daughter.