Why This Dad Is Donating His Airline Miles To Strangers

As a highly sought-after keynote speaker and author, Peter Shankman flies a lot. Like, A LOT a lot.

Routinely traveling the globe, the customer marketing guru has racked up 350,000 miles just this year. Typically, he shares those miles with his assistant, his family and friends, but there are still plenty left over. So, what's a man to do with miles and miles of miles? Shankman wants to send complete strangers home for the holidays.

So, for the second year in a row, Shankman has taken to Imgur to find families that need his miles to get home. On Nov. 28, the ADHD champion posted about his intentions and asked families that need his help to reach out.


Families that could benefit from Shankman's generosity were encouraged to post on Imgur. More than 120 families shared their stories, and just like last year, other Imgur readers ultimately chose the deserving families.

Shankman works with frequent flier mile experts Abroaders to make sure those chosen families make it home. And, he encouraged anyone else that had miles to spare and wished to donate to work with Abroaders too.

Shankman had hoped to send two to four families home—but due to additional donated miles—this year he is reuniting 10 families.

The list of chosen travelers includes a whole spectrum of folks. From a father wishing to spend Christmas with his autistic son to a broke college student that hasn't been home in three years, each story is heartwarming.

For his part, Shankman is just happy to help. "I pretty much live on an airplane, and it's pretty cool. With the exception of missing my three-year-old when I'm on the road, I consider myself incredibly lucky to live the life I do," Shankman wrote on Imgur.

Peter Shankman, we think you are pretty cool too, and we bet those people you helped are feeling pretty lucky to be the recipients of your incredible generosity.