This Dad Just Won Halloween With This Ghostbusters Costume For His Wheelchair-Bound Son

Halloween is only a few days away. While it might be too early to say this, we're going to anyway: The best costume idea goes to this dad who built a Ghostbusters car costume around son's wheelchair.

This is not the first year Ryan Miller has made a custom Halloween costume for his son, Jeremy. It has been a thing of his for years (two years ago, he was Captain America and last year, he channeled the Rebel Alliance from Star Wars in a custom-build Snowspeeder), but the costume for this Halloween is beyond an amazing idea.

Miller built his son the Ghostbuters Ecto-1 car. Yes you read that correctly. The work that went into building the costume is beyond amazing.

Take a look at the video Miller posted of the perfect costume.

The classic car was built to fit around his son's wheelchair. As Miller noted on Instagram, costumes are taken very seriously in their home.

The steps to create the costume were detailed on Miller's Instagram page, which means we are privy to the process, which includes drawing and a lot of mathematics.

Here's the frame for the car:

"This has been the most complicated and difficult build," Miller said.

The car has everything a Ghostbuster would need for catching ghosts (and trick-or-treating). There are custom lights, and speakers to play music and sirens.

While we haven't seen every Halloween costume out there, we can all agree this one is worth an award. The costume shows how even though Jeremy is in a wheelchair, his father doesn't want him missing out on any part of life.

Check out Jeremy's Snowspeeder costume from last year:

And his Captain American costume from 2014:

[h/t Sunny Skyz]