Cranky Toddler Finds Solace In Her Baby Sister

Sometimes, after a long, restful nap, we don't wake up feeling quite as bright and chipper as we thought we would. Instead, we wake up feeling cranky and groggy.

That is definitely true of poor little Ellia, a young toddler who's just woken up from her nap. Already in tears, she totters into the room looking for comfort. And where do her eyes fall first? On her newborn sister, Tessa.

Next, the girls' mother, Esther Anderson, catches on video the purest showing of love you will ever see. Watch as you witness Ellia calm herself down by pressing her tear-stained cheek against her sister's. After hugging little Tessa and comforting herself by rubbing the baby's cheek, Ella looks up and in a sweet, calm voice proclaims "I love her. I love her so much."