Couple Wears Original Wedding Outfits To 50th Anniversary Celebration

A 50th wedding anniversary is an accomplishment in and of itself, but still fitting in your original wedding outfits is a miracle!

Meet Carole-Ann, 71, and Jim Stanfield, 74, from Staffordshire, U.K. The Stanfields married in 1966.

The couple stumbled upon their old wedding attire not so long ago while digging through family photos for their granddaughter, Hayley. Hayley, ecstatic about the find, begged her grandparents to try on the suit and gown.

At first, the pair were hesitant because of the dust and a funky smell the outfits had accumulated after 50 years in storage. Not to mention: They never in a million years thought the clothes would still fit! But, after insistent pleading from Hayley, the couple reluctantly tried on their old suit and gown. And to their surprise? the outfits still fit like a glove!

On Oct. 1, the couple celebrated their 50th anniversary with a party and wore the same outfits that they had worn on the special day many years ago. Hayley told The Huffington Post that no alterations or adjustments were made to the dress or suit—besides washing and dry cleaning!

“A lot of people knew we were going to wear them, but they were still stunned to see us in them,” Carole-Ann said of her guests. She went onto say that many of their friends at the anniversary party were at the original wedding ceremony, making the moment extra-special.

So what's this happy couple's secret to a 50-year marriage? Carole-Ann insists the answer is plenty of laughter. "We have very different interests and hobbies, but the laughter is what keeps us strong."

Watch the video below to see more photos of the Standfield couple on their special day.

Now if only she had revealed the secret to fitting into your wedding dress half a century later? I think we all would be interested in hearing that!

[h/t: The Huffington Post]