This Couple Stopped To Vote Before Heading To The Hospital To Have Their Baby

First things first!

Some things are just too important to skip out on, and voting is definitely one of them.

ThisColorado couple didn’t even let a little old thing like childbirth get in their way of casting their vote in this year’s presidential election.

Sosha Adelstein and Max Brandel were expecting a little girl to arrive on Election Day, but Adelstein went into labor a little early—on Friday, Nov. 4, as the Daily Camera reports.

They couple knew they’d be a bit busy from that day forward, but they also knew they had to vote. Rather than miss the chance to cast their ballots, the couple “rushed” to vote before heading to the hospital. Boulder County spokeswoman Mircalla Wozniak confirmed to the Daily Camera that the two had indeed been in to vote.

“They came in to drop off their ballots and sign the ballot envelopes,” Wozniak said. “The election judge could tell she was in labor.” Looks like even labor can’t stop an American from voting!

Fourteen hours later, the couple brought Bella Rose Brandel—”Rosey for short—into the world.

“It is very important to us that we bring our daughter in to a world and country we our proud of,” Brandel said, noting that their impending role as parenthood was a driver in getting them to their voting station.

The two were open about their political views when talking to the publication. They “voted blue” for this year’s election.

“More than anything, our values demand that we stop men like Donald Trump from gaining power,” they told Huffington Post.

The important thing to them and many Americans is progress.

“Progress is slow—like caring for a newborn baby, it requires unselfish discipline, love, and patience,” Brandel said. “We’re all for progress, especially for those hurting the most, in a way like an infant not getting what it needs.”

The couple encourages you to go out and vote in honor of all the newborns like Roseys out there. I mean, if they could do it on the way to the hospital, you’ve really got no excuse not to!

[h/t: Huffington Post]