This Couple Retrieved A Package A Man Had To Throw Away At TSA—And Here’s Why It Is So Special

Last year in April, Amarri Hernandez was flying from St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport to Pittsburgh. While waiting to board her flight, a man was told he couldn't take his package on the plane and had to throw it away. Visibly upset, he did so? and Hernandez's boyfriend rescued it from the trash only to find something very special: a snow globe.

Yes, the package this man was barred from taking on the plane was a snow globe. And a very special one at that. The snow globe had a photo of the man's child, who Hernandez says he adopted, and a photo of his parents as well. Under the photo of the child was inscribed, "WE LOVE YOU KATIE, NANA AND PAPA 1/25/16.”

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Hernandez wrote in a post that has since gone viral that the man asked the authorities if he could put the snow globe in a lost-and-found box so his family members could come get it and the officer just directed him to the trash can.

ATTENTION NEW UPDATE WE DID FIND THE OWNERSWhen i was at St. Petersburg FL airport (2-5-16) taking a flight to?

Posted by Ivelise Hernandez on Wednesday, April 20, 2016

"We felt bad about the situation and want to find out who these people are so we can return their gift out of the kindness of our hearts,” Hernandez wrote. “We wouldn't want this to happen to us so if everybody could please share this photo so we can find the owners of this beautiful family and give them back their precious gift."

The post has been shared almost 55,000 times since it was posted last April, but nobody had heard from the family yet—and so the sharing continued.

"I thought it would share a couple hundred times, but as the day went on, it was more and more. Thousands kept adding on," Hernandez said in an interview with FOX 13.

Finally, an employee of the engraving shop, Things Remembered, saw the post. She searched through her records to find the phone number of the person who had ordered the engraved snow globe. Her name was Linda Modry.

"This was something really special for my granddaughter, Katie. My son adopted her. January 25 was the final day for it!" Modry told FOX 13.

The snow globe was returned to Modry outside of Hernandez's home in Tampa, and it was a beautiful, tearful reunion for all. Mostly, Hernandez is just happy she could help.

"My mom always raised us to always be good to people," Hernandez told FOX 13. "If it was me and I lost my snow globe, I'd want the same thing to happen to me."