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Countries Where The US Dollar Goes The Furthest

Going on vacation isn’t as simple as people would like it to be. There’s always available times, travels costs, and of course, the local currency. Conversation costs aren’t something people normally know off the top of their head. Well, this article will hopefully alleviate at least this last problem. There are some countries where the US dollar is worth a lot more than you might expect. These are some of the countries where the US dollar will get you the furthest.


Egypt has a lot of tourist spots, like the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, or even taking a cruise down the Nile River. And that trip may be more affordable than you’d expect. One US dollar is worth 30.90 Egyptian pounds. This is even more incredible, as one US dollar was worth nearly 25 Egyptian pounds just last year. The country may be having an inflation problem, but that benefits you.


Argentina has a variety of landscapes and cultures. It’s a truly stunning country with natural wonders. The price of the Argentine peso has been dropping quite a lot over the year. Currently, one US dollar is worth 207.43 Argentine pesos. That makes a nice dinner for cost as little as $16 per person. Of course, transportation is also fairly affordable.

United Kingdom

The US dollar’s been gaining some strength in the UK. While an English pound (pound sterling) is still worth more than a US dollar, the amount they’re worth has been increasing. At the beginning of 2022, they were worth 0.74 US dollars. Now they’re worth 0.81. The pound sterling is the currency in all the territories in the United Kingdom; England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. So you’ll have plenty of choice for locations to visit.

South Africa

South Africa’s a bucket list destination for a lot of people. It’s got a lot of beautiful beaches and Cape Agulhas, the most southern point in the Old World. Fortunately, a trip there will be a lot more affordable than you’d think. One US dollar is equivalent to 18.17 South African Rands. South Africa is rather well-known for its wineries, so you can get a pretty nice bottle for not much money at all.


Colombia is a diverse country, not just in the people but the landscape as well. It has incredible beaches and vast mountains. Not to mention, the food is sublime. So it’s a good thing it’s very affordable for US citizens. One US dollar is worth 4,662.30 Colombian pesos. Taxies and a nice meal are less than five dollars. Beer and empanadas are just one. You can get a lot for your money down there.


Hungary doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves as a tourist destination. It has a rich history, beautiful architecture, and famous spa towns. It’s a truly underrated country in Eastern Europe. And that opulence is a lot more affordable than you might expect. One US dollar is worth 352.67 Hungarian forints. That’s a slight decrease from the 395.50 forints one US dollar was worth last year, but that just means Hungary’s doing a bit better for itself now.


Peru is home to many natural wonders and ruins, including the Amazon jungle and Machu Picchu. It’s a place everyone wants to visit. And it’s surprisingly affordable.  One US dollar is worth 3.77 Peruvian sols. That makes the wonderful cuisine of the country far more affordable during your stay.


Whether you’re checking out the streets of Madrid or the beaches of Barcelona, Spain is a famous known to be a particularly desirable tourist destination. And you can afford it pretty well too. The euro is the universal currency for a majority of Europe, being worth 0.92 euros for every one US dollar. While the conversion rate isn’t one to one, you won’t exactly be throwing a lot of money away either.


Portugal is another country that uses the euro as its currency, but that really shouldn’t scare you away. It’s worth the same amount, but Portugal has been dealing with a stagnating economy which has really brought down the cost of living. As such, basic goods are a lot less expensive. The Iberian Peninsula really is just a good place to head to and relax for a splendid vacation.


Tunisia has a rich culture, beautiful architecture, and interesting marketplaces. These marketplaces have local goods, delicious foods, and great spices for a fraction of what you’d expect. One US dollar is worth 3.11 Tunisian dinars. You can look at historical landmarks, enjoy the beach, and have all sorts of fun without breaking the bank.


Bangladesh is often overlooked as far as South Asian countries go. Most focus always goes on places like India and Nepal, its neighbors. The country has many rivers, mosques, temples, and natural wonders for an affordable rate. After all, one US dollar is worth 105.05 Bangladeshi taka. You get to avoid the crowds on your vacation while enjoying the same types of things in the neighboring countries.


Vietnam is well-known for its cuisine, mellow culture, and temperate climate. There’s a reason its popular with tourists. And if you’re a tourist from the US, then the conversion rate will be doing you wonders. One US dollar is worth 23,495 Vietnamese dong. Vietnam’s full of great hotels and lodgings. The tourism sector is fully ready to accomodate any visitors.


A really great deal when it comes to both travel time and currency conversion is right next door. Plenty of people already visit Mexico each year, so it’s well-known how great of a tourist destination it can be. One US dollar is already worth 18.26 Mexican pesos. So go ahead and tour the cities and beaches. And don’t forget to try the food.


Turkey’s popularity as a tourist destination has really increased over the last year or so. There are more non-stop flights to the country from the United States than there have ever been. And who would expect anything less. The local food is delicious, the culture is fascinating, and everything’s affordable for American tourists. One US dollar is worth 19.11 Turkish lira. It’s a great place to get luxury goods, even gold jewelry at the Grand Bazaar.


The culture of Japan is something that many Americans at least have a vague idea what it’s like. So, why not visit it yourself and find out what the country’s really like. It has a great culinary experience and many natural wonders, such at Mount Fuji and the annual cherry blossom viewing. And the price won’t be too bad either. The yen used to be a pretty strong currency, but it’s been faltering more recently. One US dollar is worth 131.06 Japanese yen.


Chile used to be one of the most expensive countries in South America to live in and visit. But it’s become incredibly affordable over the last couple of years. One US dollar is worth 797.93 Chilean pesos. Chile’s full of beauty, with the Atacama Desert in particular being a perfect place for stargazing.


Thailand’s popularity has been increasing over the years as well. The accommodations are stellar, and you can find a lot of cool products at Thai markets. Not to mention, the good food and wonderful geography. And it’s all rather affordable. One US dollar is worth 34.25 Thai baht.


Belize is one of the most affordable places to visit in Central America. It’s full of beautiful beaches, with the island Ambergris Caye being a favored destination for divers. Not to mention, one of the largest coral reefs in the world is around there. And that’s just one island. One US dollar is worth 2.01 Belize dollars, so you get all the enjoyment for half the price.


Jamaica is a tropical paradise that everyone knows about. It’s a popular destination for honeymoons and anniversaries, with beaches well-suited to travelers and tourists. There are a lot of cities you can find direct flights to Montego Bay as well. And the resorts and food are surprisingly affordable as well. One US dollar is worth 150.84 Jamaican dollars.


Indonesia is an archipelago, so it’s full of unique and diverse environments. After all, it has over 17,000 islands. There are beaches, volcanoes, and plenty of jungle. Each region has something new to offer to tourists. And it has a pretty interesting nightlife as well. And a trip there is pretty affordable as well. One US dollar is worth 15,072.35 Indonesia rupiahs. Make sure to visit Bali while you’re there, it’s a real popular hotspot for vacationing.


Malaysia may be one of the best vacation locations in Asia. It has idyllic, sandy beaches and breathtaking islands. Not to mention, there are a variety of well-preserved historic treasures and cultural attractions. The city of Kuala Lumpur is a foodie city, full of different attractions as well. There’s so much more, and it’s all fairly affordable. One US dollar is worth 4.41 Malaysian ringgits.


Brazil’s home to some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in South America. That makes sense, considering it’s the largest country there. It also happens to have one of the most well-decorated soccer, or football, teams in the world. So maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to check out a game while in town if you’re a fan of the sport. And it’s not too expensive for an America to visit, either. One US dollar is worth 5.17 Brazilian reals. Make sure to see as many sights as you can, such as Ipanema Beach, Iguazu Falls, and just the entirety of Rio de Janeiro.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s natural climate is that of a rainforest. That’s what makes the Central American country known for its pristine beaches, natural wonders, and temperature climate. Sun, surf, and plenty of adventure while your in town. And it won’t be too expensive to stay. One US dollar is worth 542.27 Costa Rican colón. And traveling there is pretty good for the environment too. Costa Rica’s been at the forefront of eco-friendly travel for a while now.


The Philippines are an often overlooked destination is Asia. And it’s really budget friendly as well. Like Indonesia, the Philippines is an archipelago full of thousands and unique and lovely islands. Not to mention the crystal-clear and emerald waters of their beaches. One US dollar is worth 54.35 Philippine pesos.


Poland has revealed itself as one of the best countries to visit in Europe, as well as being one of the cheaper ones. Some consider it less fancy version of the Czech Republic, specifically Prague, but the country, itself, is still fascinating. And pretty cheap. Lodging, meals, transportation, and entertainment are all incredibly affordable. Not to mention it had an amazing night life. One US dollar is worth 4.32 Polish zloty.