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Companies That Will Give You Free Stuff If You Just Ask

It doesn’t matter if it’s a gift from someone else, winning a sweepstakes, or even just a free sample from a food vendor. People just love free stuff. And that’s what this list is here to give you. As it turns out, there are a few companies and other businesses that just give you free stuff. And all you have to do is ask.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts rewards program is called DD Perks. You get a free drink when you sign up and on your birthday. Then there are also the free points you earn for every purchase. Every 200 points you earn another free drink.

Blue Bottle

Blue Bottle is a coffee company with a monthly subscription service. Signing up will allow you a two-ounce free trial of their coffee for free. You will have to input your credit card info, but you’ll also receive an email before Blue Bottle charges you. You might end up keeping the subscription anyway if you like the coffee enough.


Unlike some of the other rewards systems on this list, Godiva will give you free stuff even if you haven’t accumulated points. You get free chocolate every month at participating locations, plus birthday chocolate.

Credit Sesame

Equifax, TransUnion, and Experion are all required to give you a free credit score report, but only once a year. You can find other companies to give you your credit score if necessary, but they’ll often make you sign up for a trial or simply charge you. But Credit Sesame doesn’t do any of that. It simply gives you your credit report for free. It’ll even give you a credit report card in order for you to check for errors and potentially boost your credit score.


Do you like IHOP? You probably do if you like pancakes. Then you should sign up for IHOP’s rewards system, MyHop. You get a free stack of pancakes just for signing up. You’ll get an email with your coupon after signing up. It might take a few hours for the coupon to arrive in your inbox. Also, check the date of the coupon to make sure you use it before it expires. On top of all that, you’ll be able to get additional rewards as you start to frequent IHOP.

Einstein Bros. Bagels

Like IHOP, Einstein Bros. Bagels also has a pretty good rewards system, called Shmear Society. Signing up gets you a free bagel and shmear. For every dollar you spend, you earn points which can help you get more free stuff.


InboxDollars is a free to use website and yet it pays you. The website gets paid by different brands to get short videos put in front of people. Then, a small part of that money gets passed on to you. You won’t be getting rich from this, but it’s still a way to make some quick cash. You can make up to $225 a month this way. Just watch a video and answer some quick questions afterwards.

Chuck E. Cheese’s

Chuck E. Cheese’s also has its own rewards system. Signing up for it can get you a free, personal one-topping pizza the next time you visit. You’ll also get a ten dollar free reward every three visits when you spend over $20. Not to mention, there are special gifts for your birthday and half-birthday.


Aspiration is a debit card company that gives you back extra cash for just using their product. It gives you up to ten percent cash back every time you use the card, regardless of what it is.

Bubble Cash

Another game you can make money off of as you play, Bubble Cash is also pretty fun. It pays you $80 per win, no catch or any ulterior motives. Just download the game for free and do you best to win. It’s entirely skill-based.

Survey Junkie

This website won’t be getting you cash, but you can get gift cards to your favorite stores. Survey Junkie is a simple website that can get you money for just answering questions. You get points for answering whether or not you like Pepsi or Coke, what type of laundry detergent you use, and many other menial questions.


Robinhood is an investing app that allows you to easily buy and sell stock. Just signing up for Robinhood will give you up to $200 in free stock in some big companies, like Microsoft or Visa. The share is chosen randomly and can fluctuate with the stock market, but the amount of money you start with is always the same.


Stash is like Robinhood in that it works with the stock market. It gives you small amounts of stock in some large companies where buying shares would ordinarily be too expensive. Just signing up can get five dollars in stock in the company of your choice. And when these companies profit, so do you. You might even get a check every quarter for your share profits.

Marble Slab Creamery

Just look at this photo of Marble Slab Creamery’s ice cream and you’ll see why you want some of it for free. Signing up on the Slab Happy Rewards app will get you a free ice cream automatically. And you’ll earn points for every dollar you spend to get you cash off future purchases.

Fetch Rewards

Grocery shopping tends to be annoying or otherwise frustrating, but at least Fetch Rewards can help alleviate some of the worries. The app rewards you for buying any of 250 different items on their list at the store. That reward being gift cards for other businesses, like Amazon or Walmart.

Solitaire Cash

Plenty of people already play solitaire, it’s a pretty popular card game. Most play it on their phone. So, if you’re one of those people, why not win a bit of cash while you play. There’s actually an app called Solitaire Cash and they pay you $83 every time you win a game. It might sound like a scam, like there’s some catch, but there isn’t. It’s completely legit. You can do some higher-stake tournaments to try to make some extra dough, but they’re not required. There’s barely even any ads.


Keeping up with current events has never been so lucrative. It’s a company called Swagbucks of all things that pays you for watching the news. Signing up, they’ll give you a choice of a few short news clips every day to watch, then ask you questions afterwards. As long as you answer honestly, they’ll keep paying you. And you can make up to $225 a month.


Arby’s has an email list that, if you sign up for it, will get you a free Roast Beef Classic with any drink. You’ll also get coupons from Arby’s. It may still require you buy something, but you’ll still be saving a lot of money overall. As long as you like Arby’s sandwiches.


Sephora’s rewards system has a bit less to offer, but if you’re into beauty and make up there’s not really a reason to avoid it. Becoming a Beauty Insider gets you your choice of a free beauty kit from Fresh or Marc Jacobs on your birthday.