Clutter-Fighting Secrets Everyone Who Aspires To Be Organized Should Know

Have a neat, tidy and clutter-free home is something most of us want, but it can feel like a constant battle to get there.

Luckily, there are a few secrets that those with polished, organized homes use to maintain order and keep things tidy. Most of these clutter-combatting projects won’t cost much and can be accomplished in a few hours or less, so there’s no reason not to get started on a path to a tidier home right now!

Maximize Vertical Space In The Kitchen

Clutter in the kitchen often moves across the kitchen counter. The Chronicles of Home says, go up! Add some floating shelves to create a new space for your most-used items like the coffee maker and toaster. Now your counters can actually be used for cooking rather than storage.

Get Rid Of Shower Hodgepodge

This incredibly easy switch turns your bathroom into a five-star hotel. Simple pour your shampoo and soap into clear plastic soap bottles that match. So elegant!

Freshen Up Your Boring Laundry Room

There is nothing fun or interesting about looking at your white washer and dryer against boring beige walls. Instead, freshen up your laundry experience with a fresh coat of paint (Celebrating Everyday Life recommends a light green). Turn your workspace into a pretty space with some decorative boxes and a modern light fixture.

Make Your Refrigerator A Work Of Art

We know every mom wants to save every doodle your child gives you, but those papers hanging on the refrigerator end up looking like clutter. Instead, use magnetic tape to display photos and artwork on the fridge. It will make you smile instead of cringe!

Bonus: No protruding magnets means you’ll significantly reduce your chances of knocking all said artwork off the fridge!

Say Goodbye To A Cluttered Desk

Replace a clunky desk with long, space-saving shelves. Store away piles of papers in a file cabinet or bulk bins for a useful but trendy space.

Closet Makeover

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Spend a small amount of cash on some organizational items for your closet (trust us, it’s worth it). The idea here is to make sure everything in your closet has a place — whether it be a hanger, a shoe rack or storage box. You can find dozens of hanging shelves and accessory organizers on Amazon.

Take The Mess Out Of Brushing

This idea is downright fun for kids! Nightly brushing can result in brushes and toothpaste all over the bathroom sink. Here’s how to avoid the mess. Using Velcro, create individualized brushing compartments for each kid. Every child gets their own brush, toothpaste and container with a favorite cartoon or design. Genius!

Your Cluttered Café

Use some dark paint to create a clean backdrop for your coffee cupboard. Then add fishhooks and dividers to make space for essentials like mugs and coffee beans!

The Jar Hair Station

This is an adorable way to organize hair supplies for yourself or your little girls. All you need is a piece of wood, some fabric, dresser knobs, a few mason jars and some wire to create your very own organized hair station. Now there’s no excuse for rubber bands and bobby pins to reappear all over the house!

Clear Out A Craft Space

There’s always room for craft supplies! No matter how small or large your space may be, make sure craft items are always stored together. Use clear containers to show off all of those creative colors, and add some labels so nothing gets hidden or unused. Happy crafting!

Juice In Style

Juicing is healthy but messy. Instead of one big pile of fruits and veggies, separate juicing items with plastic bins that fit on your kitchen counter. Now you have a simple and fun juicing station of your own.

All Your Linens In One Big Bundle?

Ever tried grabbing a queen sheet and wound up with a twin? Us too. Try this $10 redo with colorful bins, tags and twine. A Bird and a Bean says to store and label your linens to avoid confusion and save time when making beds.

One Spicy Use For A Wooden Pallet

This DIY spice rack makes your kitchen look tidy and modern. Pull out the craft skills to transform a wooden pallet into a storage unit for your spices, spatulas and knives. The best part? You probably have most of the supplies in your home.

Get Clever About Storing Toys

We all wish our kids’ playrooms looked this good! Using clear plastic bins, keep toys orderly and you’ll never have to dig through stuffed animals again. Try a similar storage technique for different colored Legos.

Kitchen Pantry Crammed Full?

This is brilliant! When food items are stacked on top of each other, something has to give. Follow these instructions from Pretty Providence. Something as simple as a shoe organizer will help you keep all those spices and cooking essentials in order. Organize everything else with a few simple plastic containers.

Display Your Perfume

Instead of letting your perfumes and lotions pile up in the corner, show them off! With the help of a cute little display table, your perfume will be a brag-worthy focal point.

Drawer Organizers Are Your Best Friend

Use them everywhere, from the kitchen to the bathroom to the bedroom. You’ll save yourself so much time and frustration. No more rummaging for scissors or that stray red sock!

Put Tension Rods To Work

Use tension rods (the type that are sold to hold up shower or window curtains) to clear up cabinet clutter. Add one to the side of your pots and pans cabinet to create a lip for holding lids or follow the genius of the blogger behind Little Bit Funky and use one to hang spray bottles underneath your kitchen sink.

Bracelets On Display

If you love bangle bracelets, this organization trick is for you. Repurpose a paper towel holder to hold your bracelet collection. The blogger behind Sew Many Ways found a pretty one for $5 at T.J. Maxx to add some extra sparkle to the whole project.

Keep File Storage Within Reach

If your filing cabinets are upstairs in your office, but you usually sort and open mail on the first floor of your home — something has got to give. Keep a filing system next to the spot you open your mail to avoid it piling up and potentially burying important bills or documents beneath stacks of junk mail.

Bankers boxes come in a variety of sizes and colors and are a fairly unobtrusive way to stay organized.

Shutter Magazine Rack

Clear space on your coffee table. Repurpose an old shutter into a magazine rack, as the blogger behind My Repurposed Life has done. Make sure to paint it a fun color before you hang or lean it against the wall.

Command Hooks + Cabinets = Organizational Magic

How many times have you gone looking for a water bottle to bring in the car or to the gym, only to get lost in a sea of plasticware? Well, just stick a few of those hooks inside your storage cabinets just as Instagram user and professional organizer @low.lindsey has done and you have easy access to your favorite bottles!

These sticky-backed command hooks can come in handy on the inside of just about every cabinet door. Use them to hang a hair dryer and flat iron in the bathroom, for example, or to store keys in a mudroom.

Happy organizing!