This Christmas Proposal Will Warm Your Heart [Video]

Watching proposal videos could provide hours of online entertainment. There are a ton of adorable proposal videos on the internet, and each is cute in its own way.

If you're a fan of the holiday spirit and everything Christmas, you'll love this particular Christmas proposal video that is both clever and sweet. There's nothing like a good celebration of love and family during the holiday season.

In the video, Tyne Owen, a groom from New South Wales, Australia, created a proposal for his girlfriend, Jamie, on Christmas Eve. His whole family gathers around to take a holiday family photo, and a number of guests are wearing t-shirts that spell out "Merry Xmas." Tyne and Jamie are seated in front of them, posing for the photo.

At some point in the video, the guests wearing the lettered T-shirts in the background rearranged themselves so their shirts spell out "Marry Me." This all happens in a matter of seconds behind Jamie, and since she can't see what's happening, she clearly has no idea she is about to become engaged. The photographer snaps the photos, and then asks Jamie to review them. She approaches the camera and looks at the photo.

After a few seconds, she realizes what the shirts say. When she turns around to react, Tyne is on one knee with an engagement ring, and Jamie bursts into tears. She eventually musters a yes between her sobbing and excitement, and the whole family applauds.

Talk about the ultimate Christmas present! The video has over 10 million views on YouTube, and the comments show how much people love Jamie's reaction. If you need a heartwarming video to watch, you'll definitely want to check out Tyrone's proposal to lift up your spirits, but be careful—you might shed a tear or two.