This Chipmunk Was Caught Stealing Birdseed, And You Have To Watch His Reaction

Are you one of the many people who fill bird feeders for our feathered friends? If so, no doubt you have to deal with backyard raiders (or Raiders Of The Lost Nut, as my wife and I like to call 'em) like squirrels and chipmunks. So check this video out. Nice calm morning, right? Birds chirping in the distance, sun coming up, quiet and serene.

But then!

We zoom into the bird feeder (not as fancy as this one, but still) and who do we find? Mr. Chipmunk decided to stop by the 24-hour-all-you-can-eat-diner. When the human comes up to see what's going on—well, see for yourself.

(In the cartoons, when a critter has to take off fast, it sounds like this:)

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