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Hilarious Cheerleading Fails That Will Make You Look Twice

Cheerleaders are the flexible, energetic young men and woman we see perform at sports games. Of course, that’s not the only time we see them perform. Cheerleading squad often go to their competitions as well. It’s an incredibly competitive and difficult sport. Mistakes can happen, and they can be quite dangerous. However, any mistake you can walk away from is a mistake worth making. And some of this mistakes happen to look hilarious.

A Little Too Enthusiastic

Sometimes you don’t have to mess up a routine to make a mistake. This young woman seems to be showing a little bit too much enthusiasm while putting on their performance.

A Little Too Low

Whatever trick was going on here, someone didn’t do it right. Whether it was the person standing up or the person going down, someone made a mistake. And one person’s definitely paying for it more than the other.

Wardrobe Malfunction

Sometimes when a cheerleader makes a mistake, it’s an issue with the choreography. People may trip, not get enough air time, or otherwise just fall over. But sometimes, the mistakes that happen aren’t in your control. You can train so that you never mess up your routine. You can’t train your top to not fall apart.

Face Plant

What the stunt was here isn’t particularly clear, but it does give us one of many brutal face plants in the history of cheerleading. But with her legs dangling up in the air like that, you can’t help but laugh.

A Concerning Look

These cheerleaders are certainly having a fun time. Although it looks like one of them might be having too much fun. The look on that girl in the bottom right… it’s a little concerning.

Phone Storage

Cheerleader skirts, and most skirts for that matter, don’t come with any pockets. But, sometimes, you’re still gonna want to have your phone on you anyway. Well, this individual decided to hold her phone in her uniform. And when doing a stunt, the entire world could see where she was keeping it.

Looking A Bit Unhinged

Another concerning face from a cheerleader. His partner seems to be making a face too, but it’s more of just a strange smile than anything else. What is going on in this guy’s head that he thought this would be a good face to make?

Off The Field

This moment was a pretty well-known one actually. During a Dallas Cowboys football game, one of the players ended up going over the sidelines. And that ended up knocking over one of the Cowboys’ cheerleaders. On the bright side, she seemed more shocked than in actual pain.

Collapsing Tower

When making a pyramid in cheerleading, you need everyone to be in sync. And when you’re not, things can quickly fall to pieces. Like right here. It seems as though thing started from the bottom and rose to the top here. Just based on who’s on the ground already and who’s still trying to hold on to the people above them.

Looking Up

When making the pyramids, big or small, while cheerleading, you shouldn’t look up. Hopefully, if you’ve practiced enough, you don’t need to. However, if you look up at one of your teammates during this maneuver, you might end up with this kind of reaction.

Mascots And Cheerleaders

The optics on this one are not particularly great. There’s definitely an easy and simple joke to be made here. You won’t read it here though. But the cheerleader shouldn’t have been in this position with the mascot. Especially not in front of everybody.


This one isn’t exactly the cheerleader’s fault, but that of whoever made the newspaper clipping. This is clearly a rehearsal, since there isn’t anyone in the bleachers, which means it’s totally okay to be afraid in this moment. But what makes it funny is that the clip says “Fear not an option for competitive cheerleaders”.

Tuckered Out

Cheerleading is perhaps the most exhausting sport you can do. All the flips, climbing, carrying, and tumbling, you’ll be really tuckered out. Kinda like this woman. She may have simply made a mistake and ended up face planting. It looks just as likely that she passed out while performing from just the image.

A Little Help

While putting on a performance, this woman fell forward in another face plant. The difference here is that someone tried to catch her. And that guy doesn’t seem to have done a pretty good job.

Take Her Down!

These cheerleading partners seem to have made a huge error. It appears as though one was supposed to climb on top of the other, or be carried. But what ended up happening instead was that they both fell down.

An Unsupportive Cameraman

It’s a little hard to tell what’s going on in this blurry image. Although, we can tell that the object of the photo is on the floor. But as it turns out, the cameraman wasn’t being particularly supportive. In the actual video this photo is taken from, the cameraman yells “Fail!” when she lands on the ground.

Bad Grip

These towers and pyramids are so easy to mess up. A loss of balance is the most obvious. But sometimes people don’t think about how you might have a bad grip. And that’s what led to this woman falling on top of her partner.

Tough Through It

What happened to her that she’s bleeding so much? Cheerleading can be rather dangerous, but sometimes you just have to tough through it. Although it’d certainly be better for them to get some time to heal.

Right In The Face

There seems to have been a mistake made here. Whether she was falling from the top of the pyramid or doing a flip, she’s falling. And she’s not falling by herself. After all, she accidentally dropkicked one of her teammates on the way down. And in the face!

Falling Apart

And here we have another pyramid falling apart. Except this one has the entire cheerleading team collapsing to the floor. It makes you wonder where the weakness in the framework was.

A Familiar Scene

Here we have another football player about to barrel into the cheerleaders. The difference being that this one is at the collegiate level. Fortunately, there was a cameraman in the way to stop him from just barreling through the sidelines.

The Sensation Of Falling

The sensation of falling can feel terrifying. And that seems to be what this cheerleader is thinking in this moment. You can’t really see anyone else in this photo, but hopefully there’s someone prepared to catch her.

Maintaining A Smile

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you mess up, you can make it through as long as you maintain a smile. Even while you’re face planting on the workout mat.


A group of guys may have thought those cheerleading moves seemed really cool, so they wanted to try them out. Or maybe they thought they looked easy. Well, they probably needed a little bit more training. Looks like they’re dropping their friend, but at least they broke his fall.

Simply Shocked

Another shocked and excited expression from this young woman here. Cheerleading must be a lot more exhilarating of a sport than some people might expect. Even when you’re not doing those dangerous tricks and flips.


Yes, this cheerleader’s making another funny face, and it’ll probably be where your eyes first wander to. But after that, you’ll probably look down and see that this woman is absolutely shredded. She may have failed in one aspect, but she’s succeeding in another.

Excitement Or Terror

That’s the question. Are they simply excited or should you be terrified? It really does seem as though insane looks are a staple of cheerleading. Usually, people probably can’t see their faces while they’re performing anyway.

Carried Out On A Stretcher

You can only imagine how bad the mistake was here. A lot of cheerleaders are taught to persevere and keep going through the pain. Well, this one simply couldn’t.

An Eyeful

Looks like we got another image of someone getting an eyeful. It’s nice thinking you should look up to see if who you’re holding is stable. But if you look at the wrong spot, you might end up dropping them in surprise.

I’ll Follow You Down

One face plant is bad enough, but it looks like this woman’s friend is headed right down with her. Will she manage to stop herself in time? Who knows!

A Little Handsy

Looks like we all known why this man became a cheerleader. The reason why most towers and carries are done with multiple people is mostly for the safety of the cheerleaders. But in this case, it seems as though that’d also help you avoid situations like this.


This one isn’t really even the cheerleader’s fault. Maybe she got a little bit distracted or out of line. But when the football players rush onto the field, someone should’ve noticed there was a cheerleader on the ground. She almost got trampled!

Rogue Basketball

Cheerleaders often perform at sporting events. Sometimes they do a half-time show, but most of the time they perform on the sidelines. Of course, being at ground level can make it so you’re more likely to get hit by a rogue ball. Like what happened to this young woman. Whether it actually hit her or she tripped over it isn’t clear. What is clear was that it’s what caused the accident.


Either someone’s too heavy or someone’s not strong enough. Either way, someone’s going to be embarrassed. It’d normally be expected that cheerleaders would be more athletic than this.

Bad Timing

The cheerleader on the towards the middle of the line, right next to the pile up, seems to be getting a confused stare from the rest of her companions. Evidently, her sticking her arms up to cheer was poorly timed. And her height relative to her other teammates really makes her stand out like a sore thumb.