This Cheap Filter Is Helping Thousands Of People Get Clean Water

Most of us don't think twice about the water we drink—because we are lucky enough to live in a place where access to clean water isn't a problem. However, in many places in the world, people don't have that privilege, and clean water is hard to come by. Water filtering systems can be expensive, which leaves a vast majority of these populations more susceptible to disease.

A non-profit called OHorizons is working to eradicate the water crisis with the invention of the BioSand Filter, an easy-to-assemble, low-cost water filter that has already delivered clean water to thousands of Bangladeshis. OHorizons offers a free model that can be built for a tenth of the cost of other filters. A comprehensive construction manual is available for free online.


The manual is made so easy-to-understand that even if someone can't read, they can decipher the instructions via assembly diagrams. The filter is electricity-free and made from wood. In addition to Bangaldesh, where over 5,000 people now have access to clean drinking water, the BioSand Filter has brought clean water to people in Ecuador, Kenya and Mali. Since April of 2015, over 400 people and organizations from more than 70 different countries have downloaded the wood mold construction manual for the filter.


OHorizons plans to continue to distribute these filters to countries with limited access to clean water in the coming years, with 200,000 earmarked to go to to Bangladesh alone. Exposure to arsenic from Bangladesh's water has affected 30 to 35 million residents of the country, causing cancer and severe internal damage to many Bangladeshis, highlighting just how important it is that these filters reach as many people as possible. With this cheap and easily accessible water filter, more people will finally get the clean water they deserve.

You can learn about the need for clean drinking water in Bangladesh and the BioSand Filter initiative in the video from OHorizons below.