Christmas Lights Set To Music Take Holiday Decorations To The Next Level

You might recall that back in the day, Christmas light displays were fairly simple. You'd hang a few strings of those indoor/outdoor lights outside—the ones with the fat bulbs, and call it good.

Well, there's a fellow on YouTube who goes by the name of Tom BetGeorge, and he decided to raise the bar a few feet. His massive, musically-synced light display in the San Francisco Bay Area is nothing short of a holiday audio-visual assault on the senses (in a good way).

He started his effort out on his home in Newark, California. Quoting Rare, BetGeorge says that home was featured on "Good Morning America" several times, and it's all his work.

“I built almost everything from scratch using wood and acrylic. I am a music/teacher director for a living (at COVA Conservatory in Oakland and Centerville Presbyterian Church in Fremont), hence the massive instruments" he was quoted as saying on the site. He told the New York Daily News that he got the idea for his over-the-top light display a few years back when he was working on a dance number for students, and he came across a computer program that would run the lights.

Here are a few of his light show examples.

In 2014, he used 70,000 lights set to the song "Sarajevo (Carol of the Bells)” by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. The guitar is 17 feet and the piano is 19 feet, to give you some perspective (the drums are a standard set).

Also from 2014, "Let It Go" from the Disney Movie "Frozen"?

He has since moved to nearby Tracy, California, and last year he presented a huge "Star Wars" display!

His Facebook page says that this year's show update will include "Harry Potter," which is huge news for all you fans out there.

Hello! I am very pleased to announce the official light show schedule for the 2016 Christmas season! This year's new?

Posted by Magical Light Shows on Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Does this guy give you #ChristmasGoals or what?