Bus Driver Rescues 5-Year-Old Wandering City Streets On A Freezing Winter Night

City bus drivers are used to helping people get where they need to go. But, when Milwaukee bus driver Denise Wilson saw a little boy wandering the streets around midnight, it was definitely out of the ordinary—and she went above and beyond the call of duty to return him to safety.

Wilson was taking a break during her early-morning shift when she came across a 5-year-old boy wandering around in clothing that was not suitable for the weather. There was a low of 22 degrees that night in Milwaukee.

"It's after midnight, so I'm just like, 'Am I really seeing what I'm seeing?'" she told ABC affiliate WISN-TV. "He came out of nowhere, out of nowhere. I just happened to look over and heard him crying."

A surveillance camera caught video of the action, and Wilson can be seen carrying the boy onto the bus. Once inside, she gave the boy a coat. She can be heard asking on the video, "You okay? Still a little cold?"

Together, Wilson and the boy waited for the police to arrive. According to WISN-TV, the police later said the boy had wandered away from home "by mistake."

Wilson had reportedly only been on the job for six months when she took in the boy on that cold winter night.

The video has gotten nearly 8,000 views on the Milwaukee County Transit System YouTube page, and one commenter wrote a simple "Thank you Ms. Wilson" to the bus driver.

But, she doesn't see herself as a hero. She says she was simply doing what her faith and her job asked her to do.

"I'm a child of God, and a lot of times we try to do what's right when we see something happening, and if we're there to help and have the ability or means to do it, that's what we're supposed to do, so I don't look at it as being a hero, just being there to help,” she said.