Bruce Springsteen Signs Absence Note For Boy Who Ditched School To See Him

The don't call him The Boss for nothing, folks!

Need a note to ditch school? Just ask The Boss.

Philadelphia fifth-grader, Michael Fenerty is a big Bruce Springsteen fan. So, when Springsteen made a stop in Philly as part of his “Born To Run” book-signing tour, Michael was determined to meet him. But, he had a problem. He needed to skip school for the opportunity.

So, Michael came up with a plan to excuse his absence: get a note from the The Boss himself.

On the day of the signing, Michael was one of a few children in line to meet Springsteen at the Free Library of Philadelphia. Michael’s dad, Mike—also a big fan—says Springsteen lit up when he saw the boy and brought him up for a hug and a high-five.

It was then Michael presented Springsteen with the note to sign.

“(Springsteen) says, ‘I gotta read it first. That’s how I got in trouble with my first contract,”’ Mike told TODAY. “Then he says, ‘I hope you don’t get in trouble!”’

After the event, father and son photocopied the letter to give to the school’s principal. They told TODAY that they couldn’t part with the now-treasured original.