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Bride Loses 100 Pounds Before Wedding With Small Changes To Her Lifestyle

When bride-to-be Haley Smith looked at her proposal photos, she found herself feeling a bit down. Instead of feeling happy about the joyous occasion, she focused on the fact that her weight felt out of control. Although she was glowing and beautiful in the photos, the bride-to-be decided that she didn't want to walk down the aisle feeling bad about her weight.

Smith realized she didn't want to look at her wedding photos in similar dismay. And, as she told Self magazine, she wanted to be sure that she felt gorgeous in her wedding dress. After all, she wanted to rock an awesome bridal gown and enjoy the day!

So, Haley decided it was time to take action. She knew that if she made huge, drastic changes to her diet that she would be miserable and that the program would not be sustainable. So, instead, she committed to making small, incremental changes to her lifestyle.

First, she cut out snacking after dinner, and she committed to cooking at home and dining out only two times a week. Then, she started to work out, gradually at first. With each new accomplishment, she would ramp up her plan, but just slightly and never in an aggressive way that would make her burn out. For example, she would add a few more crunches, jog for another half a mile or try heavier weights.

She became very educated about nutrition and the types of food she was putting in her body. Instead of using food as a form of entertainment or distraction, she used food as a way to fuel her body and nourish herself inside and out.