Bride And Bridesmaids Drop Jaws With Their Beyonce Wedding Dance Performance

Incredible wedding dances have now officially been taken to another level.

Bride Melissa Molinaro recently pulled off a dance number at her that had everyone there—and all of us who've watched it since—amazed. This choreographed number was not the amateur variety we've grown accustomed to seeing wedding parties do.

The Canadian actress, dancer and singer put on the show of all time, when she did the greatest dance routine for her new husband.

With the help from some equally talented bridesmaids, Molinaro started off dancing to "4Ever" by Lil Mo in a white lace leotard.

It was the choreography to Beyonce's "Upgrade You" and "End of Time" that would have made Beyonce herself proud. Take a look at the seven-minute video showing just how awesome and radiant the whole dance was for her husband.

Can we say major wedding goals?

In the background, you can here the guests cheering throughout the routine. How do they not slip on that floor?! It looks like an accident waiting to happen, but, then again, these ladies are professionals.

Towards the end Melissa brings her husband on the dance floor for a passionate kiss and then to join in as she continues dancing.

"My husband always told me his favorite thing is to watch me perform, so you know I had to give him the performance of a lifetime," Molinaro wrote on Instagram.

Just when you think it can't get any better, the bride invites everyone onto the dance floor to finish out the song. The whole time Melissa's husband looks in complete shock and also deeply in love.

While this may not be something everyone would necessarily want (or, let's be real, be able to do!) at their wedding, we can all agree it's pretty amazing to watch!

[h/t SELF]