This Boy Inspired A Whole Stadium With His Generous Act At A Hockey Game

Sometimes the children of the next generation inspire the rest of us to be better people. This was the case when a 9-year-old cared for someone else in his moment of glory.

Last year, Keaton Hamin was the recipient of a signed hockey stick at the Winnepeg Jets game. This isn't just a dream come true for a kid—but for any hockey fan.

While feeling lucky for getting the hockey stick, Keaton noticed Alyx Delaloye, a girl whose shaved head revealed her struggle with leukemia, who had come down to look at the stick. This was her second time at a Jets game, having been invited back after showing a sign on the Jumbotron that read, "Cancer by day, Jets by night."

What happened next shows that selfless deeds can start at a young age. Keaton followed Alyx back to her seat and gave her the stick he'd won just moments before.

"Right away, my instinct knew I had to give it to her," Keaton told The National. "I felt bad for her that she had cancer, and I wanted to give her a little support."

This was all caught on camera. When you think the night can't get any better, something happened next.

Alyx ran back to Keaton in the lower level seating and gave him the biggest hug. Even better, at a later Jets game, Keaton was given another stick to thank him for his generous actions.

Moments like this remind us all of the importance of doing something for someone else without wanting anything in return.