Boy Cuts Lawns All Summer To Buy Headstone For Father He Never Met

Eleven-year-old Brandon Bakke was adopted at birth and lives with his adoptive family in Fargo, North Dakota.

He started asking some questions about his biological family, so his adoptive mother, Brandy, started digging and located his biological sister, Tiffany. on Facebook. From Tiffany, Brandy learned that Brandon's biological father suffered an asthma attack and passed away in Chicago in the summer of 2015.

When Brandon and his mom made a trip to Chicago to meet Tiffany and visit his father's grave at Burr Oak Cemetery in Alsip, Illinois, Brandon saw that the grave was unmarked. And then, he set out to fix that. Brandon mowed lawns all summer to earn enough money for a proper headstone for his father, identified as Terrence (last name withheld for privacy).

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Brandon eventually came up with $400, but when he went to the monument company and they learned of his efforts, they donated the headstone in appreciation of Brandon's hard work and dedication to a father he never knew.

On Oct. 20, Brandon was present at the cemetery as the new headstone was put into place, along with over 20 biological family members from across the country.

"I don't think anybody should go unknown in life, even though their choices they made or anything. If he could see it, he would be proud of me," Brandon told ABC7 in Chicago.

NBC Chicago reports the cemetery also waived its fees.

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According to TODAY, Brandon has decided to start a mowing and snow removal service (remember, this is Fargo—they know snow) called "Mowing and Blowing for a Purpose." Most of what he makes will go to a memorial stone fund to help families honor loved ones who can't afford gravestones. His mission is to "make sure nobody goes unknown in life."

This is Terrence, Brandon's biological father.

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And here is the moment when Brandon and his mom Brandy see the stone for the first time.

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Brandon even helped with the final headstone look after learning Terence liked to cook for the homeless, so the design depicts a heart and two hands holding a bowl of soup.

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