Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor To Marry Firefighter Who Saved Her

It's hard to imagine that anything wonderful could come from the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, and for victim Roseann Sdoia, she surely didn't think so either.

As a result of the bombing, she ended up with an amputated leg — but, as it turns out, she also ended up with a fiancee.

Sdoia, a long-distance runner, was watching the marathon by the finish line when the bombs went off. Firefighter Mike Materia rushed to her aid and was by her side during the ride to Massachusetts General Hospital. He also came back a few days later to pay her a visit. It was then that Sdoia's mother noticed Materia.

“In the hospital, my mom tried to set me up with him,” Sdoia said to the New York Post. “She was like, ‘Oh, did you see that firefighter? He's so cute.' And I was like, ‘Mom, I just got blown up.' ”

The pair struck up a friendship over the weeks that followed, with Materia not only providing her with emotional support, but helping her track down a prosthetist.

“I knew I was starting to have feelings for him because he was so kind and caring,” she said. “And he has an unbelievable smile.”

The pair went on their first date a few months later, and last month, Materia proposed. They plan to have a small wedding in October or November.

This week, they will head to the Empire State Building together, where they will participate in the annual race up the 1,576 stairs to benefit charity. They also plan to release a book in March called “Perfect Strangers," which will tell the story of four lives that came together during the bombing.

“I was probably not the nicest to him from the get-go," Sdoia Said. "I was in pain. But now we laugh and blame it on the morphine."